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Overhead shot of manufacturing training center at UNH

Cybersecure Manufacturing

UNH is a member of the Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute, or CyManII, joining dozens of other leading research institutions in keeping manufacturing data secure. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Four images of the purslane seed, including two under microscope
    - UNH Research: Seed Coats Could Lead to “Smart” Materials
    Yaning Li looks to nature for materials inspiration. Read More
  • Headshot of mechanical engineering professor Marko Knezevic
    - Marko Knezevic Snags CAREER Award
    Scanning electron microscope image of a fractured magnesium alloy Improved fuel efficiency of automobiles and aircraft depends, in part, on lighter, stronger materials. But how do... Read More
  • Yaning Li, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UNH
    - Get Smart
    UNH researchers have shown for the first time that rotating cells in chiral cellular solids, a foam-like substance, could lead to the creation of a new smart material. Read More
  • Reduce, Reuse, REMADE
    - Reduce, Reuse, REMADE
    UNH will join more than 100 partners from industry, academia and government in a new Department of Energy institute focused on the reduction of energy and emissions through more... Read More
  • Brad Kinsey, UNH professor of mechanical engineering
    - Brad Kinsey Named 2016 Society of Manufacturing Engineers Fellow
    Brad Kinsey has been elected as a Society of Manufacturing Engineers Fellow for his demonstrated impact on the manufacturing profession. Read More
  • UNH graduate Sig Nigam '16
    - Next Stop: The Rockies
    When Sid Nigam ’16 was leaving India to attend college in the United States, at the airport his mother told him: “Son, sometimes 10 seconds of courage is all it takes.” Read More
  • Paige Balcom '16 in Kingsbury Courtyard
    - Research Support
    A senior engineering student with an eye toward bringing reliable power to developing nations and a doctoral student looking at maternal care in carpenter bees are UNH recipients... Read More
  • Yaning Li
    - Printing the Future
      Yaning Li, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, received an NSF CAREER award.Yaning Li has made her mark studying the mechanics and applications of structures and... Read More
  • UNH students work with children in Costa Rica
    - Engineering an Oasis
    Four engineering seniors recently laid the groundwork for a sustainable aquaponics system expected to produce fresh vegetables and fish for a community in Costa Rica, and Project... Read More