Mechanical Engineering

A model skull with a large metal "patch" on it

Skull Scare

TSA agents at the Pittsburgh airport got a scare recently, when Ph.D. candidate Elizabeth Mamros ’23G sent her research — which aims to create customizable trauma fixation hardware that will hold bones together while they heal — through the scanner. “I told him, ‘It’s part of my research… Don’t... Read More

Recent Stories

  • Headshot of mechanical engineering professor Marko Knezevic
    - Marko Knezevic Snags CAREER Award
    Scanning electron microscope image of a fractured magnesium alloy   Improved fuel efficiency of automobiles and aircraft depends, in part, on lighter, stronger materials. But... Read More
  • Yaning Li, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UNH
    - Get Smart
    UNH researchers have shown for the first time that rotating cells in chiral cellular solids, a foam-like substance, could lead to the creation of a new smart material. Read More
  • Reduce, Reuse, REMADE
    - Reduce, Reuse, REMADE
    UNH will join more than 100 partners from industry, academia and government in a new Department of Energy institute focused on the reduction of energy and emissions through more... Read More
  • Brad Kinsey, UNH professor of mechanical engineering
    - Brad Kinsey Named 2016 Society of Manufacturing Engineers Fellow
    Brad Kinsey has been elected as a Society of Manufacturing Engineers Fellow for his demonstrated impact on the manufacturing profession. Read More
  • UNH graduate Sig Nigam '16
    - Next Stop: The Rockies
    When Sid Nigam ’16 was leaving India to attend college in the United States, at the airport his mother told him: “Son, sometimes 10 seconds of courage is all it takes.” Read More
  • Paige Balcom '16 in Kingsbury Courtyard
    - Research Support
    A senior engineering student with an eye toward bringing reliable power to developing nations and a doctoral student looking at maternal care in carpenter bees are UNH recipients... Read More
  • Yaning Li
    - Printing the Future
      Yaning Li, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, received an NSF CAREER award. Yaning Li has made her mark studying the mechanics and applications of structures and... Read More
  • UNH students work with children in Costa Rica
    - Engineering an Oasis
    Four engineering seniors recently laid the groundwork for a sustainable aquaponics system expected to produce fresh vegetables and fish for a community in Costa Rica, and Project... Read More