Image of man installing solar panels

E&E News: Dems' spending bill taps small banks for climate justice

As climate change concerns begin to rise, legislators in Washington have began to shift the focus of resources toward implementing clean energy, especially in overlooked communities. E&E News recently reported on the roll of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) in this... Read More

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    - UNH Alumna, Undergraduate Receive Fulbright Grants
    UNH graduate Sophia Burke ’13 of Belmont, Mass., and senior Spanish major Kelly Taveras ’14 of Manchester have received Fulbright grants for the 2014-2015 academic year. Burke, an... Read More
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    - State of Flux
    Lucie Lepine and Frankie Sullivan on the Moore Fields tower preparing for instrument installation. Photo by Andrew Ouimette, UNH-EOS. Since 2003, the Bartlett Experimental Forest... Read More
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    - Solar-Powered Success
    The Granite State Ventures team (L-R: Daniel Crowley, Professor Jeffrey Sohl, Bridget Fay, Cole Jaillet, Andrew Nelligan, Jeffrey Moore) and their award-winning TiltOne power... Read More
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    - From Field to Classroom
    Last summer, Stuart Grandy brought something unexpected back from Uganda: a new perspective on teaching soil chemistry. Read More
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    - The View from the Coast
    Tom Safford “There isn’t an environmental issue that isn’t a people issue,” contends sociologist Tom Safford. That’s a critical point for this associate professor whose research... Read More