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Brittany Sylvain and Judy Sharkey on Dublin street

Action Research

An education faculty member and alumna present on impactful undergrad research at an international conference. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Teaching English Abroad
    - Teaching English Abroad
    Three recent UNH graduates who have received Fulbright English teaching assistantships will spend nine months abroad. Read More
  • Students pose in front of forbidden city in China
    - From the Great Hall to the Great Wall
    Paul College MBA students visit China for their international residency. Read More
  • Arctic mountains and sea with text "the Arctic is melting. Is it time to panic?"
    - Melting Arctic
    An international panel of researchers, including UNH's Larry Mayer and Nancy Kinner, will discuss Arctic change and melting. Read More
  • ​UNH's Quincy Abramson ​
    - Career Possibilities
    Whether Quincy Abramson ’19 runs an international nonprofit one day or becomes an ambassador, she has a pretty good background to get there. Read More
  • Illustration of a fish, seaweed, mussel
    - Fishing for Fortunes
    From the icy waters of the Gulf of Maine to clean drinking water in East Africa, UNH innovations enhance economic opportunities. Read More
  •  Jordan Garrett ’20 (l) and Taylor Lindsay '19 (r) with Goan students
    - Podcasting for the Environment in India
    Taylor Lindsay ’19 considers herself a hard scientist. She’s used to working in terms of what can be seen and measured.  Read More
  • A young Palestinian walks through a debris-strewn field in Gaza where attacks have damaged much of the civilian infrastructure.
    - Slow Violence
    A new study by UNH and Duke researchers documents the human cost of infrastructure attacks in Gaza and the West Bank. Read More
  • Group of students in front of building in the Dominican Republic
    - Going Global
    Paul College students learn about business in the Dominican Republic. Read More
  • Cook Strait female giant weta
    - Good Vibrations
    New research that reveals how a species of giant weta communicate could have important implications for  conservation efforts. Read More
  • FindScholars@UNH Launches
    - FindScholars@UNH Launches
    UNH has launched a new tool to help share the university's research and scholarship. Read More