Meet the Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are available in Hood House, Room 101 Monday-Friday from 12:00-3:00pm for drop in advising. Review course history, map out future courses, discuss interests, resources, and more!
Picture of Peer Advisor, Amanda

Amanda: I look foward to helping other students discover what they're passionate about and how they can get on the right track to achieve their goals!

Picture of Peer Advisor, Antigoni

Antigoni: Being undeclared myself, I know the pressure that students face about declaring a major and with their classes, so I want to offer help and let you guys know you're not alone.

Picture of Peer Advisor, Callie

Callie: By exploring your options, looking into potential careers, and taking classes that interest you, you will be able to find the major meant for you. Be patient and kind to yourself in the process because this is your future, no one else's. Come visit us at the UAC to help you or chat about potential majors!

Picture of Peer Advisor, Julia

Julia: As an undeclared student myself, I know that it can feel stressful to be undeclared but in reality, we are lucky to have time to explore our options. Use this time to take advantage of the UAC and try as many different fields of study as possible.

Picture of Peer Advisor, Kim

Kim: UNH offers so many support resources - use them! College is what you make of it, so I would recommend taking strides to put yourself out there, both socially and academically. Work to build your own network of support and don't be afraid to utilize the resources available - at UNH we always want to help!

Picture of Peer Advisor, Natalie

Natalie: One piece of advice I have for undeclared students is to get out of your comfort zone and try new things that you could see yourself enjoying, and don't be afraid to do things by yourself and for yourself.