Sustainability Institute Internships

Sustainability Interns

Our work at the UNH Sustainability Institute is to advance sustainability in all aspects of UNH's mission which allows us to uphold our national standing as a top-ranked institution for sustainability. We connect and support students, staff, and faculty to advance sustainability in our campus operations, in the community, across the curriculum, and in research.

The Sustainability Interns play a critical role in supporting the UNH Task Forces, advancing the goals of the Sustainability Institute, and strengthening peer-to-peer outreach efforts. Interns have the opportunity to learn about the complexities of making change and supporting sustainability outcomes in a large organization, which is an applicable job skill in all sectors and industries. They have the satisfaction of working with dedicated colleagues and contributing tangibly to UNH’s sustainability leadership.

We generally have at least one active intern position focused on supporting each of the following efforts every semester:


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