UNH Sustainability Alumni Begin Career in Making Recycling Simple with Scrapp

Mikey Pasciuto, UNH alumnus and co-founder, Scrapp

Scrapp company team headshots

UNH Sustainability Alumni, Mikey Pasciuto, Daniel Marek, & Evan Gywnne Davies Begin Career in Making Recycling Simple with Scrapp

Have you ever stood over your recycling bin and wondered, is this recyclable or not? If you have, we may just have the app for you!

But first, here’s how it all began. In 2019, co-founders Dan, Evan, and Mikey (me) met on campus in the back of Dr. K’s sustainability class. Walking back from class, we noticed there was almost no difference between the recycling and trash dumpsters due to all the contamination from food waste, bags, and outright trash placed in the recycling. Sharing a frustration for contaminated recycling on campus, we set out to fix it. We entered the 2019 UNH Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC) and lost… BUT we were then invited to exhibit at the EPA among giants like Nestle and Waste Management. There, we realized just how big this issue was and have been dedicated ever since. We then grew the team by adding Thomas and John, went back to win the 2020 SVIC, and placed 3rd in the UNH Holloway Competition. Since graduating in 2021, we have all been working on Scrapp to bring our dorm room idea to life.

So what is Scrapp? Scrapp is a mobile app aimed to educate consumers and reward them for recycling right. Scrapp provides recycling guidance specific to your location in real-time by scanning the barcode on the back of items. No matter where you go Scrapp makes recycling simple.

Seems like a lot of work to throw something away. What’s in it for me? For every item you scan you earn Scrapp Points. These can be redeemed for discounts towards sustainable brands like ZeroWaste Store and Wild; or charitable causes like removing plastic from the ocean and planting trees. Additionally we have a leaderboard so you can compete against friends and see who is the recycling champ.

Where do I get Scrapp? We are available on both iOS and Android or you can scan the QR code our site

What’s next? Currently, we are crowdfunding on Wefunder aiming to raise funds so we can take Scrapp full-time and expand our ecosystem to provide data-driven metrics for municipalities, organizations, and universities like UNH. (Scrapp crowdfunding video)

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all on the app!

Mikey & The Scrapp Team

Mikey Pasciuto graduated from UNH in 2021 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a dual degree in Sustainability, and a minor in Sustainable Energy; Mikey was a 2021 Sustainability Fellow - read more.