Webinar for UNH Faculty: Exploring Problem Solving and Sustainable Solutions 

Exploring Problem Solving and Sustainable Solutions 

Webinar: January 15 | 12:30 pm

The Changemaker Collaborative is delighted to partner with the Solutions Journalism Network, the Journalism Department/COLA to help UNH faculty. In this webinar, learn how to use news as a classroom tool for applied learning and a lens for understanding contemporary issues.

More than breaking news: Exploring problem-solving and sustainable solutions with Solutions Journalism Network

Join us for a live webinar with Solutions Journalism Network that explores how media sources can support UNH’s collective commitment to sustainability and social problem solving! Educators will learn how to use news as a classroom tool for applied learning and a lens for understanding contemporary issues.

Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reimagining the news. SJN works to promote (as the name suggests) solutions journalism: rigorous reporting on how people and institutions are responding to social and environmental problems. More than just the traditional idea of "good news,” the concept describes a method of reporting that includes serious inquiry into issues while shifting the focus to efforts taken to address them. SJN’s resources for educators include the Solutions Story Tracker, a searchable database of 10,000+ solutions stories in a variety of formats; teaching collections, which include 4-6 articles about a central theme with discussion questions and teaching notes; and a variety of live guest lecture opportunities.

SJN’s live webinar for UNH faculty will focus on what solutions journalism is, how it benefits students’ understanding of both your specific course content and media literacy, and how SJN’s resources can bolster the sustainability and social innovation efforts happening across the curriculum. Whether you have years of experience incorporating sustainability and social innovation themes into your syllabi or are searching for new activities to spice up your lesson plans during the shifting norms of pandemic education, join us for a conversation about helping students connect and apply course content to engaged social change initiatives. We’ll provide strategies for guiding your students through discussions about what is working, why it’s working, and how they can replicate those results in the future. Special focus will be on how SJN resources can be used to clarify and support UNH’s sustainability initiatives, including the Social Venture Innovation Challenge.