Learn more about the NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge finalists

The annual NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC) is well underway and the excitement is building! Entries are in, Preliminary Round judging is complete and we are pleased to announce the nine finalists teams who will advance to the Final Round and present live via webinar on Monday, November 30, 2020. Register to attend.

We are thrilled to report that we had a surge in entries this year, 50% increase from last year in the number of teams and total number of students entering, 60 teams representing 121 students! In this exceptionally unusual year, we were not quite sure what to expect, and so we are heartened to see that students are gravitating to this opportunity to be changemakers, working to propose innovative solutions to pressing social, economic and environmental challenges, in record numbers!

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Congratulations to the 2020 SVIC Finalist Teams moving on to the Final Round!

Eizent Innovations
Eizent is developing an affordable, sustainable, and accessible IoT-based data processing system that is able to aid innovators working to resolve issues like climate change. 
Samuel Mercer, UNH 2023 | Chemical Engineering
Tinh Phuong, UNH 2023 | Applied Mathematics 
Nathanael Frisch, UNH 2023 | Computer Engineering
Advisor: Ian Grant, Executive Director, ECenter

HydroPhos Solutions
HydroPhos Solutions is a service company that addresses eutrophication and phosphorus depletion. We utilize phosphorus filtration technology to extract phosphorus from wastewater treatment plants. We then resell this phosphorus to fertilizer companies, recycling the nutrients and extending the lifespan of our global food supply.
Jason Plant, UNH 2023 | Business Administration: Entrepreneurship & Finance
Daisy Burns, UNH 2024 | Economics with option in Public Policy and Sustainability Dual Major
Matt Oriente, UNH 2023 | Business Administration: ISBA & Sustainability Dual Major
Derek Long, UNH 2023 | Economics
Katie Remeis, UNH 2023 | Business Administration: Accounting and Finance, minor in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability
Advisor: Ian Grant, Executive Director, ECenter

Our plan involves passing CO2 from the atmosphere into a greenhouse, containing a form of algae shown to reduce methane emissions from cows.
Alice Wade, UNH 2023 | Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Ian Grant, Executive Director, ECenter

Mongo is a sustainable plant-based protein derived from organic mung beans. High in protein and low in calories, Mongo is a tasty alternative to the limited plant based options. 
Jessica Nelson, UNH 2021 | Business Administration: Entrepreneurial Studies, minors in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems and Sales 
Advisor: Ian Grant, Executive Director, ECenter

MyGreenPlate is an app that will allow users to track the sustainability status of their food consumption habits and offer positive reinforcement for sustainable eating habits.
Holly Proulx, UNH 2021 | Environmental Engineering
Will Bodewes, UNH 2020 | Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Ian Grant, Executive Director, ECenter

Plymouth Cares One-stop-Shop 
A virtual‚ one-stop-shop‚ that integrates all the resources that satisfy unmet basic needs of students at Plymouth State University into one place. These basic needs include food, clothing, housing, health insurance, personal hygiene products, and school supplies: laptops, notebooks, binders, pens, and pencils. 
Zachary Eastman, Plymouth State University, 2021 | Business Administration
Noah Fiske, Plymouth State University, 2021 | Interdisciplinary Studies, minor in Business Administration
Advisor: Professor Bonnie Bechard

Promised Protection
A modular fire suppression system intended to help wild land firefighters. The main components of our unit are water, hoses, generator, and a pump. All components will be within a 10, 20, or 40 ft storage unit. This will allow for fire fighters to go right to the scene of a fire and allocate water onto the fire quicker. This unit can be leased by any property owner, municipality, or insurance company to improve their fire defensibility. Promised Protections suppression units will be creating a network of water for all wildfires.
Spencer Coveney, UNH 2021 | Business Administration: Entrepreneurial Studies
Patrick Gillis, UNH 2021 | Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Ian Grant, Executive Director, ECenter

Scrapp is a free app that combats confusion by using a barcode scanning feature to show you how to correctly recycle common household items.
Mikey Pasciuto, UNH 2021 | Mechanical Engineering and Sustainability Dual Major, minor in Sustainable Energy
Evan Gwynne Davies, UNH 2020 | Civil Engineering
Daniel Marek, UNH 2020 | Civil Engineering
Advisor: Ian Grant, Executive Director, ECenter

Empowering smallholder farmers with microbes and science to improve soil fertility & yield. Locally adapted, locally researched, locally produced.
Kelsey Mercurio, UNH 2021 | Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems and Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology, minor in International Affairs
Anthony Gianelly, UNH 2022 | Business Administration: Finance and Management, minor in Psychology
Advisor: Ian Grant, Executive Director, ECenter