UNH Sustainability Institute's Partnership with the Paul College of Business & Economics and the Carsey School of Public Policy Announces the Changemaker Collaborative

Formerly the Center for Social Innovation & Enterprise

A year ago, we embarked on an exciting new partnership with the Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics and the Carsey School of Public Policy to significantly expand student opportunities for high-impact learning in sustainability.

We are pleased to announce that our partnership, formerly UNH’s Center for Social Innovation & Enterprise, is now the Changemaker Collaborative

The Changemaker Collaborative brings together students, faculty, staff, businesses, non-profits and government agencies committed to advancing positive change for the good of all. The Collaborative supports the next generation of skilled, courageous and confident leaders, through real-world experiences and the tools of public policy and business, while helping community partners advance their sustainability initiatives. 

We embarked on this partnership because we understand that the scale and complexity of the world’s challenges, including climate change and racial injustice, must be addressed by collaboration across public, private and nonprofit sectors. The tools of public policy and ethically governed commerce are critically important to mitigating and adapting to these challenges in a just and equitable way.
We are excited for this next chapter, which runs deeper than a new name. Together with our partners, we collectively refined and clarified ‘who we are and what we do’ in order to help better reflect the mission and vision, and more effectively communicate with students, faculty, staff and with partners in the community. 
Growing partnerships and expanding our offerings, the Collaborative brings a robust suite of high-impact education programs (internships, fellowships, consulting and research projects, and other leadership opportunities) to students from across UNH who are driven to effectively tackle humanity’s most pressing problems. These programs complement students’ classroom learning, no matter their discipline and provide pivotal experiences that support students while they apply knowledge gained in the classroom to help meaningfully advance more sustainable communities in our local region and beyond. 

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