Parents & Family Registration

**This form below is only for Parents & Family members to complete if attending a different session than your student. If you are either A) a student, or B) a family member(s) attending the same session as your student, please visit in order to register for New Student Orientation***


**NOTE: Please ignore the error stating that this form is improperly configured. It is in fact correctly configured and your submission will be received correctly.**


Parents and family members, please complete this form to sign-up for Parents & Family Orientation session during June, only if you are attending a different session than your student. If you are attending the same Orientation session as your student, they will be able to register you and any other guests during their own registration.

This option of attending a different session is currently only available to families of first-year students. Families of transfer students are only able to attend the same session as their student at this time due to specific material covered in the program.

Any questions regarding this form, please contact the Office of First Year Programs at  

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