Engineering and Physical Sciences Guide

The following is the academic advising information for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS).

Math Placement Test

Every incoming CEPS student must take the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Assessment prior to arriving at Orientation.
All incoming First-Year CEPS students, regardless of mathmatics background and prior credit - please visit the Math 425 placement page:
Math 425 Placement Page

Those students who do not take the placement test will be automatically placed in MATH 418 (Analysis and Applications of Function, the prerequisite course to MATH 425), regardless of high school math background, Running Start, Advanced Placement, or any previously earned college credits.

AP, IB, or prior credit will be reviewed and assessed as information is provided by UNH Admissions. For now, all students are asked to take the placement test.

If you need a test accommodation, please contact Student Accessibility Services by phone at (603) 862-2607, or email at

Choosing First-Semester Courses

  • A sample selection of courses is listed below for each major. In every case, there is an opportunity for choosing some courses that satisfy the university’s general education requirement (called the Discovery Program).
  • A semester course load usually consists of four 4-credit courses and possibly a 1-credit seminar.
  • If you plan to take French or Spanish, take the French/Spanish Placement Survey before June orientation. Your advisor will receive the results of your test.
  • First-year students usually take courses numbered in the 400s and 500s.

Select a major below to learn specific major information for first year June orientation. 


  1. TECH 400 – Introduction to CEPS Programs (1 credit)
  2. MATH 425 – Calculus I or MATH 418 – Analysis and Application of Functions*
  3. Major related course (consult with an advisor during June Orientation)
  4. Discovery course
  5. Discovery course

*You must take the math placement test, details above

Many students choose CEPS as their college because mathematics and science are their favorite subjects in high school, even though they are unsure about their choice of a major. In this case, we advise you to enroll as Undeclared. As such, you will be advised by a CEPS Academic Counselor from the CEPS Associate Dean's Office and will enroll in TECH 400, which meets once a week a course and provides an overview of the career opportunities and programs of study offered by each of the college’s nine departments.

Becoming Part of the CEPS Community

You will have several classes with other students in your major and may want to form study groups or join a club associated with your major. Many departments will have a study lounge and computer cluster specifically reserved for their majors as well.

Most departments have honor societies that offer student-run tutoring.

Finally, you will have a faculty advisor in your major who can serve as a mentor. Please see your advisor and take advantage of these opportunities as quickly as possible to make your connection to the CEPS community.


Office of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(603) 862-3537