Research Articles

Research articles describe research and creative projects in all the disciplines and are authored by UNH undergraduates or recent graduates in collaboration with Inquiry student and staff editors. They should not exceed 2500 words (excluding bibliography). These articles are based on research reports or essays written for a course or independent study. Because of the relatively short length and general audience of research articles, their authors often choose to narrow or refocus their original text. The research experience is held to be as important as research results.

—Alexis Eaton (Mentor: Paula Mouser)
Alexis returned to her hometown of Wallingford, Connecticut, to measure hormone concentrations at the town's wastewater treatment plant. Learn More
—Chloe Gross (Mentor: Jennifer Andrews)
Chloe's research explored composting programs in the Durham, NH area and improvements suggested by the Regional Compost Working Group. Learn More
—Jaylyn Jewel (Mentor: Kristen Clark)
Jaylyn delved into the healthcare disparities that sexual and gender minority (SGM) patients experience, particularly in-patient mental health care. Learn More
—Maeve Kelley (Mentors: Jennifer Purrenhage, Rebecca Rowe)
Maeve's research on Blanding's turtles highlights the importance of protecting this endangered species in Southern New Hampshire. Learn More
—Bryn Lauer (Mentor: Elizabeth Carter)
Bryn examined the history of conflict, geopolitical trends, and military, domestic, economic, and peace data, to analyze intervention in Yemen. Learn More
—Julian Maduro (Mentor: Laura Smith)
Julian takes a close look at the diversity of high school reading lists and how the titles on these lists may impact student engagement. Learn More
—C. Jamie Mater (Mentor: Robert Eckstein)
Inspired by a lack of research on the harmful effects of the troubled teen industry, Jamie documented stories of residents in a treatment program. Learn More
—Ryan Saputo (Mentor: David S. Bachrach)
Ryan dissected first-hand accounts of medieval Crusades and discovered how stereotypes influenced the events that led to the sack of Constantinople. Learn More
—Joslyn Villavicencio (Mentor: Thomas W. Gruen)
Joslyn researched the ways two different audiences—Gen Zers and baby boomers—react to and rely on video marketing. Learn More
—Sarah Elizabeth Waleryszak (Mentor: Jesse Stabile Morrell)
Recognizing the impact of COVID-19 on people worldwide, Sarah developed a specific interest in how the pandemic impacted food insecurity in NH. Learn More