Spring 2022 Issue

Spring 2022 Issue
Maeve Kelley in pond

Feature Article

Celebrating Thirty-Five Years of Undergraduate Research

—Paige Fanneron, Savannah Salvage, Anna Schiefele

Research Articles

—Alexis Eaton (Mentor: Paula Mouser)
Alexis returned to her hometown of Wallingford, Connecticut, to measure hormone concentrations at the town's wastewater treatment plant. Learn More
—Chloe Gross (Mentor: Jennifer Andrews)
Chloe's research explored composting programs in the Durham, NH area and improvements suggested by the Regional Compost Working Group. Learn More
—Jaylyn Jewel (Mentor: Kristen Clark)
Jaylyn delved into the healthcare disparities that sexual and gender minority (SGM) patients experience, particularly in-patient mental health care. Learn More
—Maeve Kelley (Mentors: Jennifer Purrenhage, Rebecca Rowe)
Maeve's research on Blanding's turtles highlights the importance of protecting this endangered species in Southern New Hampshire. Learn More
—Bryn Lauer (Mentor: Elizabeth Carter)
Bryn examined the history of conflict, geopolitical trends, and military, domestic, economic, and peace data, to analyze intervention in Yemen. Learn More
—Julian Maduro (Mentor: Laura Smith)
Julian takes a close look at the diversity of high school reading lists and how the titles on these lists may impact student engagement. Learn More
—C. Jamie Mater (Mentor: Robert Eckstein)
Inspired by a lack of research on the harmful effects of the troubled teen industry, Jamie documented stories of residents in a treatment program. Learn More
—Ryan Saputo (Mentor: David S. Bachrach)
Ryan dissected first-hand accounts of medieval Crusades and discovered how stereotypes influenced the events that led to the sack of Constantinople. Learn More
—Joslyn Villavicencio (Mentor: Thomas W. Gruen)
Joslyn researched the ways two different audiences—Gen Zers and baby boomers—react to and rely on video marketing. Learn More
—Sarah Elizabeth Waleryszak (Mentor: Jesse Stabile Morrell)
Recognizing the impact of COVID-19 on people worldwide, Sarah developed a specific interest in how the pandemic impacted food insecurity in NH. Learn More


—Jessica Gray (Mentor: Robert Letscher)
A graduate student in oceanography, Jessica shares her experiences as both an undergraduate and graduate student conducting climate change research. Learn More
—Vladimir Tkachev (Mentor: Arturo Andrade)
Vladimir shares what he learned about electrophysiological recording to spark an interest in others to pursue neuroscience research of their own. Learn More

Mentor Highlights