Editorial Staff


Paul Tsang

(603) 862-3479

Faculty Director of the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research; Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences

Senior Editors

Brigid C. Casellini

(603) 862-3531

Brigid Carroll Casellini holds a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the University of New Hampshire and a graduate certificate in publishing and communications from Harvard University. She has worked for several magazine and book publishers in the greater Boston area and has been a senior editor of Inquiry since 2005. She resides in Newburyport, Massachusetts, with her husband and three children.

Erin Trainer


Erin Trainer holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in teaching secondary English, both from the University of New Hampshire. Her career for the past twenty years has included teaching English and working in publishing in a variety of fields, including medical and science, education, and the humanities. She has been an editor for Inquiry since 2016. Erin lives in Kittery, Maine, with her husband and two children.

Student Editors

Mallory Cashman

Mallory Cashman is a junior from Wells, Maine, studying data science and analytics as well as minoring in Spanish. She is a Hamel Scholar, University Honors Program student, and huge advocate for women in the STEM fields. After graduating from Berwick Academy in 2018, Mallory was drawn to the University of New Hampshire (UNH) for the wide variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities it offers. Some of the leadership positions that Mallory holds at UNH include president of the Wildcat Women in Computer Science Club, fundraising chair for Engineers Without Borders, involved participant in the Women in STEM Task Force, and, of course, a student editor for Inquiry. Mallory joined the Inquiry editorial team last year because as a data science and analytics major, she found herself desiring more of an opportunity to write. Being a part of the Inquiry team gives her the chance to do so, along with giving her the opportunity to work collaboratively with other UNH students. Outside of school, Mallory is a huge Disney fan and tries to go to Orlando, Florida, as often as possible. In fact, after graduating from UNH, she hopes to use her data science degree in a role working for the Walt Disney Company.

Paige Fanneron

Paige Fanneron is a first-year student at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) from Maplewood, New Jersey. She is also a firstyear member of Inquiry’s editorial board. In the fall, her French instructor, Aména Moinfar, recommended that she consider joining Inquiry, and Paige enthusiastically dove in. She brought to her role her experience as an editor for her high school newspaper. When the Inquiry staff editors asked for volunteers to work on a feature article for the 2022 issue, Paige raised her hand and got to work. She wrote about the international undergraduate research programs that the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research provides, and she was honored to interview both the retired coordinator of the international research programs, Georgeann Murphy, and a recent alum who had conducted research abroad. Serving on Inquiry’s editorial board has helped Paige think about what she wants to major in, and she looks forward to continuing her participation. Although she has not yet declared a www.unh.edu/inquiryjournal HAMEL CENTER FOR UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH major at UNH, she will probably select journalism because she absolutely loves writing and editing and enjoys investigating a topic and being able to inform the public about it. She is also interested in justice studies, so she plans to include that field in her studies. Paige says that although she has worked with Inquiry for only a brief period of time, “the experience has already had a large impact on my life and has created opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.”

Juliana Mastan

Despite having a busy schedule Juliana Mastan decided to add Inquiry to her list of responsibilities. Juliana, a junior from Schenectady, New York, is pursuing a dual degree in neuroscience and behavior, and genetics. She is a resident assistant in Peterson Hall, works as a fitness assistant at the Hamel Rec Center, serves as the social media chair for the campus organization the 'Cat Pack Captains, works as a desk receptionist at Stoke Hall, serves as a student admissions representative, and supports students through the Peer Led Team Learning program. Juliana conducts research with Dr. Donald Robin looking at the brain regions that are activated in patients with PTSD and depression and comparing them to the brain regions that are activated when people are given MDMA or psylocibin, to see if these drugs could be good options for therapeutic use. This research is directly related to the future research she hopes to do while pursuing a PhD in psychopharmacology. Dr. Robin encouraged Juliana to join Inquiry’s editorial board and she sees this experience as a unique way to learn about how publications work, as well as a great way to support other UNH students in their research.

Alissa Reitter

Alissa Reitter grew up on both North American coasts, going to elementary school in New Hampshire, spending her middle school years in San Diego, California, and returning home to her native state before starting high school in Amherst, New Hampshire. A junior and third-year Inquiry student editor, Alissa stays busy as a student in the University Honors Program and as a Hamel Scholar, roles that allow her to lead a community service group, Women in STEM, which works to promote the STEM fields to girls. Alissa has diverse academic interests, which have led her to pursue a dual degree in civil engineering and international affairs, with a minor in Spanish. Both of Alissa’s parents are University of New Hampshire (UNH) graduates, and she loves the university for its proximity to the mountains, beaches, and cities and for its distinguished civil engineering program. Alissa first heard about Inquiry from her mother, who is a close friend of one of Inquiry’s editors, Erin Trainer (they met at UNH as undergraduate students!). In her spare time, Alissa is passionate about running, hiking, and traveling, and loves to find ways to combine all three of these interests, as demonstrated by her on-campus involvement in Engineers Without Borders and the New Hampshire Outing Club. After graduating in 2022, Alissa plans to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in California and hopes to have an international career for the opportunity to use all three aspects of her degree.

Savannah Salvage

As a passionate researcher herself, Savannah Salvage was looking for a way to learn more about the undergraduate research happening at UNH and help others publish their work. Joining the Inquiry team this year gave her the perfect opportunity to do just that. Savannah is a Durham resident in her senior year at UNH, pursuing a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience and behavior with minors in forensics and justice studies. In addition to writing and editing for Inquiry, she also works in Dr. Robin’s Imaging, Motor Performance, and Rehabilitation of Voice and Speech (IMPROV) lab on campus and is on the Honors in Major track through the UNH Honors Program. Savannah plans to continue researching with the IMPROV lab after graduation, and to then join a PhD program that suits her interests. She is interested in learning about human brain imaging and diving deeper into data acquisition and analysis.

Anna Schiefele

Originally from Stratham, New Hampshire, Anna Schiefele is currently a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). She is a University Honors student double majoring in French and English. On top of having her high school senior year cut short due to Covid-19, the college decision process presented itself as difficult at times for Anna. Although UNH was not originally at the top of her college picks, she has come to love the challenges, extracurriculars, professors, and communities that she has become a part of here. When not going to class, going to work at the UNH Dairy Bar, or doing something with the UNH French Club, Anna can be found off rereading The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys or rewatching Gone with the Wind. As Anna puts it, she has “a rough draft of a plan” of what she wants to do after graduating from UNH. This rough draft includes getting a master’s degree in either writing or publishing and eventually working in the book publishing industry. It is for this reason that she was excited to join Inquiry as a student editor after learning about the opportunity from her advisor. Anna looks forward to using this role as a learning experience that she hopes will be useful in her future career.

Riley Steward

Riley Steward from Conway, New Hampshire, recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire in December 2021. She majored in English and minored in business administration. Riley committed to UNH because of her desire to attend a large, public seacoast school that would expose her to various cities and natural landmarks. The numerous choices and opportunities offered at UNH also caught her interest. Aside from her student editor position at Inquiry, Riley was also heavily involved in the Outing Club, where her titles included trip leader, first aid coordinator, and newsletter editor. Furthermore, she worked for the UNH Compost Crew and was a member of the Cycling Club. By joining Inquiry in 2019, Riley enjoyed learning about the research conducted at UNH and spending time reading about other people’s interests. Following graduation, Riley plans eventually to move back to Montana, where her junior year exchange experience took place. She will continue to follow her passions of environmental conservation, social justice, and community organizing and will also continue to enjoy her hobbies of hiking, biking, and skiing. Riley is in the process of earning her EMT license and anticipates becoming a Wilderness Emergency Technician in the near future.