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Inquiry 2022 in the UNH Scholars' Repository


Spring 2022 Inquiry Journal: Abstracts, Brigid C. Casellini

Feature Article

Celebrating Thirty-Five Years of Undergraduate Research,  Paige Fanneron, Savannah Salvage, Anna Schiefele


The Presence of 17-beta Estradiol, 17-alpha Ethinyl Estradiol, and Estrone in Wastewater Treatment: Navigating Unanticipated Results, Alexis Eaton

Examining Potential for Improvements in Composting and Waste Reduction in the Greater Durham, NH, Region, Chloe Gross

Conducting Undergraduate Research to Honor the Voices of Sexual and Gender Minority People Receiving Inpatient Mental Health Care, Jaylyn Jewel

Behind the Scenes: Turtle Trapping and Connectivity Mapping for Endangered Blanding’s Turtle Conservation in Southern New Hampshire, Maeve Kelley

Yemen and the Dynamics of Foreign Intervention in Failed States, Bryn Lauer

The Evolution of Assigned Reading: The Diversity in New Hampshire High School Reading and Student Reading Engagement, Julian Maduro

The Troubled Teen Industry and Its Effects: An Oral History, C. Jamie Mater

Feature Article: Celebrating Thirty-Five Years of Undergraduate Research, Savannah Salvage, Paige Fanneron, and Anna Scheifele

Barbarians and Heretics: Anti-Byzantine and Anti-Western Sentiments in Crusade-Era Chronicles, 1096–1204, Ryan Saputo

Examining the Effectiveness of Video Marketing Based on Consumer Attitudes: Differences between Generation Zers and Baby Boomers, Joslyn Villavicencio

Effects of COVID-19 on Food Insecurity within New Hampshire and the UNH Community, Sarah Elizabeth Waleryszak


Bridging the Gap Between Science and Society to Foster a Greater Understanding of the Climate Crisis, Jessica Gray

Electricity in the Brain: Exploring Research Methods in Neuroscience, Vladimir Tkachev

Research Briefs

Comparing Lifestyle Behaviors and Body Composition in College Students with and Without Health-Related Majors, Amanda Ares  

Photocatalytic Methane Conversion, Isabelle Mann  

Modeling the Impacts of Invasive Streamside Plants and Food Availability on Brook Trout Feeding and Growth, Matt Scott  

The Protestant Work Ethic and COVID-19, Abigail Towers

Mentor Highlights

Kristen Johnson: Professor of Biotechnology, Brigid C. Casellini

Paul Robertson: Lecturer in the Department of Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies, Brigid C. Casellini

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Inquiry Fall 2021 in the UNH Scholars' Repository

Research Briefs

An Exploration of Strategies for Enhancing the Engagement of Children with Sensory Processing Challenges During Occupational Therapy Treatment, Alexis Goldstein

Drug Discovery for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Emily Pratt

Exploring Sea Surface Temperature’s Effect on Global Ocean Productivity in Our Changing Climate, Jessica Gray

Exploring the Effects of Probe Geometry on Atomic Imaging, Lihy-Eden Buchbinder

Exploring the Isolation of a Bacteriophage as an Alternative Treatment to Lyme Disease, Fardeen A. Siddiqui

Promoting the Healthy Development of Youth through Sports, Paige O'Neil

The Pandemic's Economic Impact on Women Everywhere, Johanne Nichols

The Strayed Angel: Gnosticism in the Works of George William Russell (A.E.), Camden Roy

Inquiry Spring 2021 in the UNH Scholars' Repository


Extracting Bankfull Widths and Stream Slopes from New England Rivers, Daniel J. Okuniewicz Jr.

Learning to Code Human Behavior, Jennika Mannesto

Occupational Therapy via Telehealth for Families Raising Children with Autism, Carli Rita

Refugee Composers of the Twentieth Century: The Impact of Displacement on Musical Identity During World War II, Kylie Smith

Sexuality and Regional Dialects in Southern New Hampshire, Hayden Stinson

The Effects of Instagram’s Fitspiration on the Health and Well-Being of Women, Ciara Devereaux and Grace McGrew

Understanding Interpersonal Trust and Task-Unrelated Thought Through Computer-Mediated Health Conversations, Tyler Stetson


Becoming a Researcher During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Samuel Mercer

LGBTQ+ Oral History: The Power of Community and Individual Stories, Aliya Sarris

Nuclear Physics Applications Through the Lens of Undergraduate Research, Tristan Anderson

Why Is Our Politics So Polarized? The New Hampshire Political System and the Rural/Urban Split, Ben Mackillop

Mentor Highlights

Jill Thorson: Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Erin Trainer

Nan Yi: Professor of Chemical Engineering, Erin Trainer


Does Foam Rolling Really Work?, Margarethe Hauschildt

Experiences of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Nonhealing Wounds in Ghana, Lauren Barker

Exploring the Diversity of Tropical Pumpkin in Costa Rica, Lizzie Gill

Exploring the Recent Abundance of Spiny Dogfish in the Gulf of Maine, Benjamin Gallo

Farm to Restaurant: Exploring the Availability of Locally Grown Food and Obstacles to Its Use in Seacoast New Hampshire Restaurants, Lily Harris

Pain Perception: Investigating Links Between Pain Transmission and CCK(+) Neurons, with Regard to the Opioid Crisis, Sumeet Panesar and Zachary Tepper

Social Behavior and Personality Patterns of Captive African Elephants, Alison Jeffrey

Student Commuters: Unpacking the Factors That Influence How High School Students Travel to School, Alexander Chase

The Evolution of Senses: My Research Journey into the Nervous System of Cnidaria, Molly Hartley

The Healing Power of Storytelling: An Exploration into the Autoethnographic Process, Amanda Cote

The Pragmatism of Politics: Senator Norris Cotton and the Civil Rights Legislation in the 1960s, Ryan Sanborn

Using Radio Telemetry and Geographic Information Systems to Map and Estimate the Home Range Size and Daily Movement Patterns of Female Cheetahs on Namibia’s Commercial Farmland, Elisabeth Wise


Keeping an Open Mind: Challenges and Mysteries in Cancer Cell Biology Research, Yusuf Ebrahim

Studying Form, Color, and Pictorial Composition in the New England Landscape, Daniel Faiella

Mentor Highlights

Andrew Conroy: Professor at the Thompson School of Applied Science, UNH - Durham, Brigid C. Casellini

Summer Cook: Associate Professor of Kinesiology, UNH - Durham, Brigid C. Casellini


A Good Life in Old Age: Accommodating Elderly Patients' Values and Motivations in the Thai Healthcare System, Jennie Lynn Marinucci

Comparison of Cuticular Hydrocarbons in Three Populations of the Carpenter Bee “Ceratina calcarata” to help Understand their Role in Social Evolution, Sean Lombard

Determining Presence/Absence and Abundance of Declining Shrubland-Dependent Songbirds in Human-created Shrublands in Southeastern New Hampshire, Erica Holm and Jenny Leigh Gibson Kerr

How Does Silo Storage Time Affect Pavement Durability in Cold Weather Climates?, Christopher DeCarlo

Perceptions of Youth on Health, Nutrition, and Well-Being in their Local Community: The Somersworth Photovoice Project, Sarah Garstka

The Defining Characteristics of the Buurtzorg Nederland Model of Home Care from the Perspective of Buurtzorg Nurses, Colleen White

The Impact of an Epilepsy Self-Management Program on Healthcare Utilization and Related Costs, Emily Dwyer

Using Geographic Information Science to Map the Flight of the Regicides in Seventeenth- century New England, Steven Cowley


American and Canadian Protests against Poison Gas after World War I, Elisabeth Iacono

Thinking Outside the Box: Using Computer Science Skills to Make Sense of the Biology of Life, Lina L. Faller

Mentor Highlights

Marion Girard Dorsey: Associate Professor of History, University of New Hampshire, Jennifer Lee

Matt Tarr: Associate Extension Professor Wildlife Specialist, Univeristy of New Hampshire, Brigid C. Casellini


A Passion for Saving Lives: The Motivation of Surgically Trained Healthcare Professionals in Mozambique, Sofia Cadime

Beyond the Claw Crackers: Investigating a Neurobiological Bridge between the Environment and Behavioral Rhythms in Juvenile American Lobsters, Brigid C. Casellini

How Does Moo-ving to Pasture Feeding Affect the Nutrient Composition of Cows' Blood and Milk?, Jillian Smith

Interviewing the Street Children of Mekelle City, Ethiopia: Their Plight and What Help Public and Private Organizations Offer, Merhawi Wells-Bogue

In the Shadow of Court-Clearing: The New Hampshire Supreme Court’s Struggle for Autonomy, Cory McKenzie

Investigating the Presence of a Red Zone for Unwanted Sexual Experiences among College Students: Class Year and Gender, Elizabeth Wible

Researching Soil Hydrogen Dynamics in Subarctic Sweden, Victoria Lynn Ward

The Effect of a Barefoot Training Program on Running Economy and Performance, Neil Baroody

"Who Will [Independence] Please but Ambitious Men?": Rebels, Loyalists, and the Language of Liberty in the American Revolution, Alexa Price


Climate Change in the Wild West Fifty Million Years Ago, Tristan Amaral

Juggling Research and Work between Two Campuses: An Undergraduate’s Experience in Cellular Research and the Real World, Rebecca Mason

Lamb’s Blood and Goose Quills: Learning to Research the History of Blood Transfusion Medicine, Jennifer Allen

"Menudas Vueltas da el Destino": How Choosing to Live in a Homestay Brought Me Closer to a Culture, Emily Louick

Mentor Highlights

John (Jack) Resch, Professor of History, UNHM, Jennifer Lee

Ruth K. Varner, Associate Professor, Earth Systems Research Center, Brigid C. Casellini


A Community Approach: Improving the Health and Wellness of People with Learning Disabilities in Northern Ireland, Kristen Manning

Coaching Education and a Survey of Youth Sport Coaches’ Perceptions of their Coaching Efficacy, Matthew Richards

Hamanasi Eco-Resort: Examining the Profit, Planet, and People Bottom Lines of Sustainability, Kate Early

Refuge from Communism: A Monastery in New York Preserves Russian Orthodoxy, Cory McKenzie

The 1754 Excise on Spirituous Liquors: Taxes, Political Rhetoric, and the English Concept of Liberty in Eighteenth-century Colonial Massachusetts, Lowell Mower

Twenty-five and Still Going Strong: An Inside Look at the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, Jacqueline Cordell

Using Mathematics to Gain Insights into Biology: An Application in Respiratory Mechanics, William Matern

Using Nanoindentation to Investigate the Effect of Manufacturing Pressure on the Microstructure and Stiffness of Pyrolytic Carbon, Nicholas Landry


Getting down to the Business of Science: How Undergraduate Research Derailed my Career Plan and put me on a Path to Professional Success, Nicholas J. Mantis

The Plight of the Piping Plover: My Summer of Shorebird Conservation and Public Outreach at Cape Cod National Seashore, Theresa L. Conn

Under the Influence of Undergraduate Research, Max Mehlman

When Culture Shock can be Good for You, Erica Bertolotto

Mentor Highlights

Professor Cathy A. Frierson, Department of History, Jennifer Lee

Professor Ihab Farag, Department of Chemical Engineering, Brigid C. Casellini


A Tale of Two Vices: An Applied Economic Analysis of Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption, John Rolfe

Big Bank, Small Country: Switzerland, the Financial Crisis and the European Union, Justin Thomas Schubert

Coming To America: The Social and Economic Mobility of African Immigrants in the United States, Tobi E. Afolayan

Eating For Two: A Study of the Effects of Obesity upon the Health of Pregnant Women and their Infants, Michael Cochran-Boucher

Finding a Safe, Efficient Method of Producing High Quality, Non-corrosive Scanning Probe Tips for Scanning Tunneling Microscopes, Dan Foley

Harmonious World: The Confucius Institute and Asian Studies at the University of New Hampshire, Laura Roach

No Longer a Secret: Uncovering My Family’s Russian Jewish Heritage, Ella Nilsen

Producing Biodiesel from Microalgae Grown in Municipal Wastewater from Dover, NH, Brian McConnell

Recalibrating the Star Sensor: From the IBEX Satellite to the RENU Rocket, Joshua French

Redefining Capitalism: The Changing Role of the Federal Reserve throughout the Financial Crisis (2006–2010), Chris Celi

Sleeping in Safety: A Study of Nurse Anesthetists in Ghana, Lauren Kasparian

The Quest for Fisheries Sustainability: Age, Growth and Maturity of Golden Trevally (Gnathanodon speciosus) in Australia, Elise Koob


Colorful Perspectives: Caring for Sick Children in Pune, India, Rachael Butterfield

Expect the Unexpected: Researching Pregnant Women’s Social Supports, Amy Ma

Grounded, in High Orbit: Undergraduate Space Research at the University of New Hampshire, George Clark and Morgan O’Neill

Mentor Highlights

Dr. Eberhard Möbius, Professor in the Department of Physics, Jennifer Lee

Dr. Lawrence "Chris" Reardon, Jennifer Lee


Addressing Cultural Barriers in Australia’s Acute Care System: Problems the United States Can Learn From, Allison Reilly

From The Fields to the Molecules: An Investigation of Mitochondrial DNA Inheritance in Strawberries, Monica Quimby

Living Positively: An Inside Look at HIV Counseling and Testing in Uganda, Lindsay Bergmann

Mass Graves and a Thousand Hills: University Student Perspectives on the Gacaca Courts in Post-Genocide Rwanda, Jacqueline Lewis

Mind-Body Medicine A Hundred Years Ago: An Eclectic, New England Approach to Psychotherapy, Courtney Stevens

Music in the Mountains: Music’s Relation to Emotion for Individuals in Central Appalachia, Caitin Baummer

“Taking STOCC”: Tracking Environmental and Financial Footprints Associated with Municipal Energy Use, Corey Johnson

The Evolution of Search-and-Seizure Law: How New Hampshire and Federal Law Differ, Randall Lawrence–Hurt

The Many Faces of Health: Dialogue and Research at the University of New Hampshire, Emily D. Robbins

Walk On, Australia: An Exceptional Approach to Spinal Cord Injury, Amanda Randall


Education on Three Continents, Procheta Mallik

My Summer Under the Tents: Interviews with Migrant Farm Workers in the Connecticut River Valley, Jennifer Cook

Practicing Islam in Dijon, France: Interviews with Muslim Residents, Bridget Farmer

REAPing the Benefits of France, Cheese, and EcoGastronomy, Kayla O’Meara

Mentor Highlights

Gene Harkless, Associate Professor of Nursing, Jennifer Lee

Joanne Curran-Celentano, Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences, Jennifer Lee


A Country on the Move: Realities, Reform, and the Future of Rural to Urban Migration in China, Susannah Pratt

An Ideal Approach to Global Warming, Hannah Lee Varn

Bioinformatics: Merging Computer Science and Genetics, Lina Faller

Fostering Musical Creativity in the Elementary Classroom, Brian Miner

Investigating the Effect of Diet on Nutrient Concentration in Eggs: How Your Breakfast Might Be Healthier than You Think, Gwen Stewart

Producing Biodiesel from Jatropha in Egypt: The Research of Emmanuel Pitia, Tammy Wolf

Questioning the Lives of Kings: American Class Myths, Lana Cook

Quince Años: The Transition to Womanhood in Puerto Rican Culture, Laura Louise Plummer

Stress and Occupation: Summer Research on the Road, Lindsey Wetteland

The Myth of Technological Progress, Patrick Ryan

The Only Differences are the Words and the Sounds: Register Variation in Modern Written Icelandic, Jim Wood

The Relationship of the Maya and Teotihuacan: A Mesoamerican Mystery, Keith Ferguson

Understanding Macbeth: A Returning Soldier, Christy Clothier

Warts and All: The Fate of the American Toad, Heather Moulton

Well Child Health Care in Wales: A Change of Setting, a Shift of Power, Jennifer Herman

Where Science and Art Meet, Gillian Graham


An Alumnus’ Reflection, Aaron Tomich

Reading Letters Not Addressed to Me: An Examination of the Personal Correspondence of New England Soldiers, David Palange

Research Experience Outside the Lab, Loreen Fournier

The View from My Family Tree: Reflections on Communism and Democracy in Slovakia, Laura Smetana