Join the Staff

Undergraduates with strong writing skills and an interest in editing and publishing are invited to join the Student Editorial Board for the next issue of Inquiry. The journal relies on a Student Editorial Board to work with the staff editors in all phases of publication. Members should be able to commit the time needed to attend meetings and workshops as well as to carry out their tasks. The Board will be made up of students from a variety of disciplines with a range of skills.

Joining the Board offers students opportunities to learn firsthand about producing an online research journal. Although membership is volunteer, academic credit may be arranged under certain conditions. Board members may work in one or more of the following areas of responsibility:

  • Soliciting manuscripts for submission
  • Editing manuscripts and working with authors on revisions
  • Interviewing and writing for feature articles and biographies
  • Publicity on and off campus

Write to for details.

Students interested in becoming Board members should submit the following information before the end of September:

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