Scholarship Essentials

General information about the process of applying for scholarships, how to determine if you might be competitive, and the types of scholarships available.

The Office also welcomes students who wish to schedule informational meetings to find out more about which scholarships are a good fit for them.

Getting Started

You may be invited to public information sessions about various fellowships.

Or you may be referred to the Fellowships Office by one of your professors.

Or you may read about fellowship and scholarship opportunities on your own.

You should make an appointment to meet with the Office, either to discuss a specific scholarship or to get advice on which fellowships might be good fits for you.

The staff of the Fellowship Office will help you evaluate whether you would make a reasonable candidate for specific fellowships.

It's never too early to find out about scholarships and visit the Office. Several scholarships are specifically for freshmen and sophomores, and certainly very prestigious scholarships may require significant advanced preparation.


The Office of National Fellowships provides information, counsel, and support to highly motivated students with high academic achievement applying for national and international fellowships and scholarships. The Office serves undergraduate and graduate students in ALL majors and colleges, as well as recent alumni.

We also assist faculty members who serve as mentors/references and as members of interview and screening committees.

Recipients of fellowships and scholarships are given money to pursue their studies and research. Some provide funding for traveling overseas, while others help pay for graduate or undergraduate education. There is also a considerable amount of prestige associated with winning, or even competing for, these awards.

Learning how to write and speak convincingly and compellingly about your interests and goals is an important skill for job interviews, as well as for careers in business, science, academia, the non-profit world, etc.

Do you:

  • Have a high GPA (over 3.5)?
  • Show promise of distinguished scholarly and creative achievement in your field?
  • Have a record of involvement in community and civic affairs?
  • Have demonstrated leadership ability?

Can you:

  • Write clear, concise, well-organized statements explaining your on-going or proposed creative/scholarly projects?
  • Identify faculty members who can provide strong letters of recommendation?

If you answered "yes" to several of these questions, you should schedule an appointment with the Office!

All. There are several fellowships that suit students in every field and every college at UNH. Many of the very prestigious fellowships are open to students in any area.

Generally, the sooner the better.

Students can apply for many undergraduate fellowships as early as their sophomore year. Several scholarships are specifically for freshman and sophomores.

Students interested in graduate level fellowships or post-graduation opportunities could begin investigating opportunities as early as the spring of their junior year.

It is never too early to schedule an informational meeting with the Office.