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The Office of National Fellowships provides information, counsel, and editorial support to UNH undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni applying for national and international awards for undergraduate study, study abroad, graduate study, and research internships.

The Office views the entire fellowship application process as a transformative learning experience that supports the overall academic mission of the University of New Hampshire.

The Office seeks and facilitates collaboration with key offices and university stakeholders to promote a campus-wide culture of awareness of national and international award opportunities available to UNH students and alumni. In addition to support provided directly to applicants, the Office of National Fellowships supports faculty members who serve as recommenders to produce the most competitive applications possible.

We have worked with numerous successful students, including multiple Fulbright Scholarship recipients, Udall Scholars, Truman Scholars, and Barry Goldwater scholarship winners. See the Recent Recipients page for details.

For more information, please contact:
Leigh Pratt, Director
Office of National Fellowships
Conant 118A
(603) 862-0733

Students may make an appointment via the Wildcat success system
or by completing the form below.

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