Application Process

If you decide to apply for one or more fellowships, the Fellowships Office Advisor will guide you through the process for each application.

Most applications include the following:

  • Information forms, whether online or as hard copies 
  • Letters of recommendation from one or more faculty members or research / internship supervisors
  • An official transcript of your grades
  • GRE or other test scores

Perhaps most importantly, nearly every application will ask you to write essays.

  • One will be a proposal for academic studies or a research project or both.
  • The other will be a personal statement of your development, interests, and goals.

An Office Advisor will serve as your primary writing coach, although the content and essential style must be your own.

In some cases, your application will require an interview with and endorsement from a faculty screening committee, a provost, or the university president. Your Advisor will forward your name and application for endorsement and submit the letter of endorsement on your behalf.

Once an application has been submitted to a scholarship or fellowship program office, a waiting period follows. Within a month or two, you will learn whether or not you are still under consideration.

You may be invited to an interview off campus. In most cases your expenses will be reimbursed. Before you go to your interview, the Office will coordinate a faculty committee for a mock interview so that you know what the experience feels like and what kind of questions you might expect to be asked.

Within a month or two of your interview, you will learn if you have been offered the scholarship or fellowship. The Office will help you make follow-up arrangements.

There will be publicity materials announcing your award and celebrating your success. These materials are very important for encouraging other UNH students to apply!

To have completed the application process for a competitive scholarship or fellowship is in itself a great achievement and a significant step forward in making your plans for your future career or vocation.