2004-2005 Projects

The Impact of Early Involvement in Outreach Scholarship on Students' Achievement and Motivation in STEM Disciplines

George Hurtt, Natural Resources
David Burdick, Physics
Vania Jordanova, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Middleton, Education

Imagination Quest Implementation Research and Planning

Raina Ames, Theatre & Dance

Musical Celebration of the Tercentenary of Benjamin Franklin

Christopher Kies, Music

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Franklin Times Article
Glass Music World Article

Promotional Poster

Center for New Hampshire Food Security

Joanne Burke, Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Juli Brussell, Cooperative Extension
Tom Kelly, Office of Sustainability

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Beginning Commercialization of Rainbow Smelt

JJ Newman Rode, Sea Grant - Aquaculture

Expansion of the NH Historic Map Digital Collection to Meet the Needs of Researchers, Practitioners and Citizens

Thelma Thompson, Government Documents
Christina Bellinger, Catalog Librarian
Fay Rubin, Complex Systems Research Center

Collaborative Map Scanning
Grant Report
Map Digitization Projects

Adolescents in New Hampshire's Foster Care System

Melissa Wells, Social Work

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The Girls' Health Data Project "Girls Speak Up" - Conversations with Young Women About Critical Issues in Their Lives

Kristine Baber, Family Studies

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Developing New Hampshire's Volunteer Youth Sport Coaches: Toward a State-wide Coaching Education Program

Robert Barcelona, Recreation Management
Karen Collins, Kinesiology
Heather Barber  

Improving Post-Hospital Home Medication Management among Older Adults with Cardiac Disease: A Pilot Study

Janice Foust, Nursing

Evaluating Marital Mediation in the New Hampshire Courts

Mary Banach, Social Work

Motor Fuel Taxation as a Policy Tool to Improve Environment Quality and Reduce Poverty in New England

Richard England, Economics

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The Girls Health Project

Kristine Baber, Family Studies, Associate Professor SHHS

Kristine is working with health care providers and adolescent girls to create a girls' health database that will be accessible to the public.

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Discovery Course Creation

David Burdick, Natural Resources Research, Associate Professor, COLSA/Marine Program
Charlie French, Cooperative Extension/Resource Economics and Development Extension, Assistant Professor, Cooperative Extension
Vania Jordanova, Physics/EOS Research, Associate Professor, CEPS
George Hurtt, Natural Resources/EOS Research, Assistant Professor, COLSA
Brad Kinsey, Mechanical Engineering, Assistant Professor ,CEPS
Jeffrey Schloss, Zoology/Cooperative Extension Extension, Associate Professor, Cooperative Extension
Michael Middleton, Education, Assistant Professor, COLA

An interdisciplinary team of engaged scholars is developing a discovery course to engage students in engaged schloarship as part of their training as scientists.

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Obesity in New Hampshire

Sharyn Potter, Sociology Associate Professor COLA
Ross Gittell, Management Professor WSBE
Barry Rock, EOS/Natural Resources Professor COLSA

An interdisciplinary group developed an interdisciplinary project investigating the causes of increasing number of children categorized as obese in New Hampshire.

Distance Learning in Outreach and Outreach Scholarship

Kent Chamerlin, Electrical Engineering Professor, CEPS

Kent expanded his work with distance learning to using distance learning technologies to enhance researchers efforts in outreach and engaged scholarship projects.

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Evaluation of Dairy Management Outreach Scholarship

Peter Erickson, Dairy Cattle Management, Associate Professor, COLSA

Peter has integrated many opportunities for his students to work with commercial farmers in mutually beneficial projects. He is planning to add an evaluation component to the projects to learn more about the effectiveness of this approach and to publish his results.

Outreach to the Classrooms

Yeping Li, Mathematics, Assistant Professor, CEPS

Yeping plans to determine how to connect working mathematicians/scientists with K-12 students to see if students would be more motivated to learn science and mathematics.

The Art of Classroom Teaching

Judith Robb, Education, Associate Professor, COLA

Judy plans to work with teachers to develop case studies that will be helpful to preservice teachers learning about teaching and learning.

An Assessment of Outcomes of a Business/University Partnership: The Case of the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company and UNH's Tourism Planning and Development Program

Rob Robertson, Resource Economics and Development, Associate Professor, COLSA

Rob is adding an evaluation component to his outreach project. His students work with the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company to help the company gather and analyze information about the effectiveness of their trips and to publish his results.

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Fisheries in the Public

Jeffrey Runge, EOS/OPAL, Research Professor, Marine Program

Jeff works with fisherman and community stakeholders who create policies that regulate the fishing industry. Jeff is adding an evaluation component to his work to determine the effectiveness of his work.

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Strafford County Homemakers Strategic Planning

Christine Shea, Decision Sciences, Associate Professor, WSBE

Christine was working with the Strafford County Homemakers to create a strategic business plan. Christine is adding an evaluative component which will allow her to determine the effectiveness of this approach and to publish her results.

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The Creation of a New Discovery Mathematics Course

Richard Zang Mathematics Associate Professor UNHM

Rick is creating a new discovery course that involves math students in the community outreach.

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