IncludeU Search Committee Training

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IncludeU Search Committee Training

IncludeU: (formerly GEAR UP) is an online, asynchronous professional development workshop designed by UNH ADVANCE for those participating in or chairing faculty search committees.

The three-module course can be complete in three sessions or all at once.
Each module take about 20-25 minutes to complete.

IncludeU participants will:

  • Learn up-to-date skills and knowledge to maintain consistent, effective, and unbiased faculty searches
  • recognize that we all have bias and will be more aware of how bias affects academic workplace dynamics, including during the search process.
  • Be able to describe the negative consequences of bias on academic workplace climate and some of the various ways witnesses to bias incidents can intervene.
  • Be able to implement effective intervention behaviors to mitigate the effects of bias in the workplace and articulate why not all people can or should intervene in the same way.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion after completing the entire course.  Training is required every two years. 
Search Committee Requirement

Program Registration

To be added to the online Search Committee Workshop, please contact Leslie Couse at

Search Committee Resources

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University Resources

The purpose of this Search Manual is to facilitate faculty recruiting and hiring in compliance with established law and university policy. It is a living document that is updated as policy and practice evolve, and and as improved and more streamlined procedures are developed.

Search Manual–Faculty and Senior Administrative Staff 
50 Behavior Based Interview Questions