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  • Advancing Academic Leaders

    Program dates: Odd year October, November, December, January - see calendar
    Program website: Advancing Academic Leaders
    Application Deadline: September

    Primary audience:
    -UNH faculty
    -Originally department chairs, now includes all academic leaders
    -Has not recently attended
    -Commits to attending all four workshops (see calendar)

  • Hot Topics in Academic Leadership Information

    Program dates: 90-minute sessions offered throughout the academic year - see calendar
    Program website: Hot Topics in Academic Leadership

    Primary audience:
    -Leaders from across the university
    -Those interested in exploring complex issues that academic leaders face

  • Faculty Engagement with Alumni

    Program dates: Biannual training and alumni events throughout the year, including Homecoming and Reunion weekends - see calendar
    Program website: Faculty Engagement with Alumni

    Primary audience:
    -UNH faculty
    -Looking to develop strategies to successfully engage with alumni around research topics
    -Enjoys practicing Alumni Relations engagement tactics at local events
    -Might aspire to a leadership position as a Faculty Ambassador Liaison

  • New Faculty Orientation

    Program dates: The Monday and Tuesday before school starts - see calendar
    Program website: New Faculty Orientation
    Application deadline: August

    Primary audience:
    -Faculty new to UNH
    -UNH faculty with a new/different role
    -Commits to attending a two-day program (see calendar)
  • Pathway to Professorship

    Program dates: Odd year September, October, November - see calendar
    Program website: Pathway to Professorship
    Application deadline: Every other June

    Primary audience:
    -UNH faculty
    -Planning to go up for full professor in the next five years
    -Was promoted to Associate Professor in the past 15 years
    -Has not recently attended
    -Commits to attending all three workshops (see calendar)
  • Postdoctoral Diversity and Innovation Scholars

    Program dates: Two-year professional development experience - see calendar
    Program website: Postdoctoral Diversity and Innovation Scholars
    Program deadline: November

    Primary audience:
    -Completed doctoral degree or terminal degree in field within the past five years and by July 1st of the award year.
    -Has a passion for teaching, research, and public engagement.
    -Commits to participating in monthly cohort-based experiences. 
  • President's Leadership Academy

    Program dates:  - see calendar
    Program website: President's Leadership Academy

    Primary audience:
    -Senior administrators new to UNH
    -Senior administrators new to their executive role
    -Senior administrators investing in executive development

  • Research and Engagement Academy

    Program dates: January, February, March, April - see calendar
    Program website: Research and Engagement Academy
    Program deadline: November

    Primary audience:
    -UNH faculty nominated by Dean or Director
    -Can "commit to submit" an external grant proposal
    -Has not recently attended
    -Attends all six workshops (see calendar)
  • Soup and Salad with the Provost

    Program dates: September, October, November, February, March, & April - see calendar

    Program website: Soup and Salad with the Provost

    Primary audience:
    -UNH faculty
    -By invitation of the Provost

  • Writing Academy

    Program dates: May, June, July, August - see calendar
    Program website: The Writing Academy
    Program deadline: March

    Primary audience:
    -UNH faculty
    -Interest in enhancing scholarly agenda through the process of writing, reflection, and critical feedback
    -Committed to writing and submitting a polished writing piece for publication OR resubmit a competitive grant proposal
    -Has not recently attended
    -Commits to attending all eight workshops plus scheduled hours for one-on-one coaching (see calendar)


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