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Petitions for Variance in Academic Policy

Students may petition the Discovery Committee in order to waive or replace a requirement. Students’ petitions must be signed by their major advisor and forwarded to the dean of their college.

  • Student completes the Petition Form and attaches supporting documentation.  If requesting a transfer course or UNH non-Discovery course fulfill Discovery requirements, a course syllabus must be included
  • Student's advisor reviews and signs the petition form.
  • Petition is submitted to the student's college Associate Dean's Office who then forwards it to the Discovery Office.
  • Discovery Committee reviews and adjudicates petition at their next meeting. 

Note: Refer to the World Cultures Variance Policy, if applicable.

Cognates and Discovery Course Clusters

Discovery Course Cluster lists were developed to help students explore their interests when looking for courses that satisfy Discovery requirements. A cognate is a coherent set of courses in a discipline or interdisciplinary grouping aimed at enhancing  career-oriented skills in high demand in the employment market.