Discovery Program
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The University of New Hampshire Discovery Program is the core curriculum established to provide students with a multifaceted liberal education.

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The Discovery Program provides the intellectual framework for students in any major. It represents the faculty's collective belief in what constitutes and contributes to essential knowledge of the world.

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The Inquiry Course

Inquiry courses prepare first-year students to succeed at the college level by helping them become active, independent thinkers who look at subjects and challenging problems from a number of viewpoints.

Inquiry Course Characteristics

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Discovery Categories

Discovery courses introduce students to the primary questions, methods and perspectives of the field or discipline; they encourage students to understand the connections among different disciplines or fields of study.

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Learning Outcomes

The Discovery Program's student learning outcomes (SLOs) reflect a broad set of learning goals that will be present in any course taught in all of our discovery categories. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Capstone Experience

The Capstone experience is typically completed by senior students within the major and is designed to elicit opportunities for educational reflection and synthesis of knowledge and skills.

The Capstone Experience

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