Resource Year Topic Type
The Justice System for Juvenile Victims: A Comprehensive Model of Case Flow
Finkelhor,D., Cross,T. and Cantor,E. Trauma Violence & Abuse 6(3) 83-102. (CV62J)
2005 General Child Victimization Paper
Research Partnership to Improve NH State Data on Abused and Neglected Children (NH PARCS)
The central aim of this project is to improve NH’s child protective service system's data collection, data management and data analytic…
2005 Child Advocacy Centers, Statistics Project
Exposure to Internet pornography among children and adolescents: A National Survey
Ybarra, M., & Mitchell, K. J. (2005). Exposure to Internet pornography among children and adolescents: A national survey. CyberPsychology &…
2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Inventory of problematic Internet experiences encountered in clinical practice
Mitchell, K.J., Becker-Blease, K. and Finkelhor, D. Professional Psychology: Research & Practice, 36(5): 498-509. (CV92)
2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Depressive symptomatology, youth Internet use, and online interactions: A national survey
Ybarra, M.L., Alexander, C., and Mitchell, K.J. Journal of Adolescent Health, 36(1), 9-18. (CV74)
2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Protecting youth online: Family use of filtering and blocking software
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2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Online victimization: What youth tell us
Finkelhor, D., Mitchell, K.J., and Wolak, J. In S.W. Cooper, R.J. Estes, A.P. Giardino, N.D. Kellogg, & V.I. Vieth (Eds.), Medical, legal, and…
2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Second Youth Internet Safety Survey (YISS-2)
The Second Youth Internet Safety Survey (YISS-2) was conducted in 2005 and designed to update and expand upon the previous Youth Internet Safety…
2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Project
The varieties of child pornography production
Wolak, J., Finkelhor, D., and Mitchell, K.J. In Quayle, E. & Taylor, M. (Eds.), Viewing child pornography on the Internet: Understanding the…
2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Child Pornography Possessors Arrested in Internet-Related Crimes: Findings from the National Juvenile Online Victimization Study
Wolak, J., Finkelhor, D., and Mitchell, K.J. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Alexandria: VA. (CV81)*
2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper