Citizen Complaint Analysis

The University of New Hampshire Police Department is responsible for providing a safe, secure and comfortable environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors on the UNH campus.  In providing these services and the enforcement of laws, sometimes conflicts are created.  Law Enforcement officers are unique in their ability to deprive others of their constitutional freedom and liberties, and as such, great care must be taken to ensure that these powers are not improperly or unjustly utilized, and that there is a system to ensure accountability for the actions of the individual officer and department as a whole. 

The just and proper enforcement of the law requires that police officers treat all citizens with respect, and in a fair and impartial manner regardless of their unlawful actions or the legal charges against them.  All employees of the University of New Hampshire Police Department are expected to maintain the image and professionalism of the department.  To this end, there are policies in place to establish a system of accountability that is fair and responsive, while allowing for the unbiased and thorough investigation of citizen complaints and department initiated internal investigations.

The University of New Hampshire Police Department shall investigate all complaints brought against the department or its employees, to ensure the objectives of this policy are met.

Annually, the Department conducts analysis of all citizen complaints. That analysis is available to the public on this page and in the station lobby.