School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

Members of the Drift-RMT prepare to test their buoy at the Chase Ocean Engineering Lab.

Engineering and Business Merge to Create Sustainable Ocean Drifter

Data collection buoys are essential for gathering information about the ocean and climate, but these devices can also be unreliable when their batteries die and turn into ocean debris.    Students at the UNH College of Engineering & Physical Sciences (CEPS) and the Peter T. Paul College of... Read More

Recent Stories

  • People bundled up in winter gear hold a long white tube to measure soil frost amidst a snowy forest.
    - Frosty Field Work
    Wearing their warmest winter garb, graduate students from UNH and the University of Maine, along with three UNH faculty members, braved the extreme cold and perpetual darkness in... Read More
  • Group of people wearing lifejackets huddle in a circle in a pool
    - Research Snapshot: Offshore Survival
    The engineering tank in Chase Ocean Engineering Lab is no match for the chilly offshore waters of the Gulf of Maine, but it stood in ably for a recent offshore marine survival... Read More
  • An aerial view of a ship on the calm ocean water.
    - Shipping Sounds
    UNH researchers found no significant change in the U.S. continental shelf's underwater soundscape during the COVID-19 lockdown. Read More
  • Sun peeks through clouds and a group of students stands on a seaweed-covered rocky coastline by the ocean.
    - We All Belong on the Island
    Shoals Marine Laboratory has been awarded a 2022 Honorable Mention for Innovation for its Strategic Plan for Advancing Belonging. Read More
  • A panel of National Lab scientists talk under a slide that says "UNH DOE National Lab Day
    - National Lab Day
    . U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen welcomed participants to UNH's National Lab Day. Read More
  • The Cod and the Tern
    - The Cod and the Tern
    With new grants, UNH researchers will study how climate change in the Gulf of Maine is affecting species like the Atlantic cod and the common tern. Read More
  • Three elderly men stand on a beach holding measuring sticks to determine height of the sand.
    - Shifting Sands
    Data from the volunteer-based Beach Profiling Program indicates which N.H. beaches are most resilient to coastal storms. Read More
  • Woman in plaid shirt holds whale baleen so library patrons can see
    - Outreach That’s Not Overdue
      A new program connects UNH Extension with New Hampshire's public libraries. Read More
  • Female graduate student on a boat holding a male blue crab
    - Crustacean Consternation
    UNH researchers have documented the first-ever pair of mated blue crabs in Great Bay Estuary, with potentially serious impacts on the ecosystem. Read More
  • Ray Grizzle (right) works with a student on measuring oysters
    - Oysters as Nitrogen Bioextractors
    Oysters filter particles that contain nitrogen (and carbon) from the water. Wild oysters cycle small amounts of that nitrogen back into the environment, however farmed oysters,... Read More