Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping / NOAA Joint Hydrographic Center

Group of people wearing lifejackets huddle in a circle in a pool

Research Snapshot: Offshore Survival

The engineering tank in Chase Ocean Engineering Lab is no match for the chilly offshore waters of the Gulf of Maine, but it stood in ably for a recent offshore marine survival class hosted by the Center for Acoustics Research and Education (CARE). UNH graduate students, faculty and staff joined... Read More

Recent Stories

  • gulf of maine with island in background
    - Mapping Earth’s Oceans
    UNH scientists and graduate students from around the world have set out to chart the planet’s oceans — 85% of which are not yet mapped. Knowing more about our oceans’ floors will... Read More
  • Artist's drawing of research ship
    - Exploring the Seas
    UNH will co-operate a forthcoming research vessel that will provide cutting-edge technology for scientists to study the Atlantic Ocean and adjoining seas. Read More
  • Undersea image of a fish in seaweed
    - Nowhere To Hide
    New research from UNH finds that changes in seaweed "forests" may be harmful for an ecologically important fish. Read More
  • Larry Mayer - UNH
    - National Academy Honor
    Larry Mayer, director of UNH’s Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping and Joint Hydrographic Center, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering, one of the highest... Read More
  • map of the Celtic Explorer survey area
    - Marine Institute: INFOMAR Survey to Map the Celtic Sea Seabed
    John Hughes Clarke collaborates with INFOMAR to analyze sonar radiation patterns during the seabed mapping. Read More
  • Middle school students driving robots at University of New Hampshire pool during SeaPerch event
    - Ready for the Future
    Young engineers drove their underwater vehicles at the UNH pool during this year's Seacoast SeaPerch regional competition. Read More
  • R/V Endeavor
    - Collaborative Endeavor
    UNH scientists and graduate students now have access to a state-of-the-art research vessel, the R/V Endeavor. Read More
  • Large group of hydrographers at the edge of the ocean
    - Next in XPRIZE
    A UNH-led team has qualified for the final round of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. Read More
  • Spark 2018 - Listening In
    - Listening In
    From the waters of the Arctic to grasslands in Oklahoma, UNH researchers are using sound to see the world more clearly. Read More
  • Postdoctoral researcher Kerri Seger speaks into a microphone
    - Fulbright Scholar
    Postdoc Kerri Seger listens to whales in Colombia. Read More