Students in the lab at UNH Manchester

From Here to Healthcare Career

The Health Professions Program at UNH is designed to help students who have a bachelor's degree pursue professional or graduate study in various health fields. Read More

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  • UNH's Lizz Maurais '19 in a lab
    - Life in the Lab
    Biotechnology major Lizz Maurais '19 has already earned multiple research awards. Read More
  • Wildcats in the World: Becky Baker '16 at Public Health Laboratories
    - Wildcats in the World: Becky Baker '16 at Public Health Laboratories
    When she received her UNH diploma on May 19, 2016, Becky Baker became the first graduate of UNH Manchester’s Biotechnology program. Within a week, she accepted the position of... Read More
  • Research on the Brain
    - Research on the Brain
    The research opportunities for students at UNH's campus in Manchester begin with the encouragement of the faculty. In the short time Dr. Daniel Seichepine has been at UNH... Read More
  • Madi Oliwa
    - Finding Campus Life Without the Dorm
    My college search experience? Overwhelming to say the least. In my junior year at Bedford High School, I thought I had all of the answers. I thought I would go to North Carolina... Read More
  • Ryan holding coke bottle
    - Life in Reverse: Full-time Work to Full-time Pre-dental Student
    You’re not Jim Halpert, and you don’t work at Dunder Mifflin Paper Co., but like him, you know you don’t see yourself retiring doing the same job you’re doing now. In fact, you... Read More
  • Rachel Stanley pursues career as PA
    - Path to PA
    Health, well-being, and patient care are only a few of the reasons some people are lured to follow careers in the medical field. Rachael Stanley, a graduate of Mascenic Regional... Read More