Gulf of Maine

Fish Futures

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has recently awarded a team lead by a UNH scientist more than half a million dollars to study how warming waters and migrating fish populations are going to affect fish species in the northwest Atlantic Ocean, whose waters are among the fastest warming on the... Read More

Recent Stories

  • UNH space physics professor Noe Lugaz
    - Space Weather Editor
    Noé Lugaz, research associate professor of physics and astronomy, is the new editor-in-chief of the journal Space Weather,. Read More
  • Kristin Duisberg
    - In This Issue...
    Six years as editor of UNH Magazine have given me the opportunity to share a variety of stories: some fun, others inspiring, and many — I hope — thought-provoking. But I don’t... Read More
  • John and Diane Foley
    - Life After Jimmy
    AS DIANE AND JOHN FOLEY ’70 settle into the bright and airy living room of their Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, home on a breezy, blue-skied August morning — Diane seated on the end of... Read More
  • The Disinformation Age
    - The Disinformation Age
    The pipe bomb arrived at CNN’s New York City office on an October morning in 2018. The improvised device, delivered by courier, was one of 13 sent to targets across the country —... Read More
  • Mark Lenzi '97
    - Home to Heal
    ILLUSTRATION BY ELIZABETH ROSENMore than the pounding headaches and light sensitivity, the nausea and the trouble sleeping, it was the short-term memory loss that concerned Mark... Read More
  • Jennifer Higgins-Pitre
    - Volunteer Spotlight: Jenn Higgins Pitre ’95 ’05G
    For more than 25 years — since my undergraduate days — I have been a cheerleader for UNH in every sense of the word. This institution, with its natural beauty, talented faculty... Read More
  • Smithies Reunion
    - A Shared Experience
    For many alumni, what connects them most closely to UNH isn’t necessarily their graduating class — it’s a shared experience in a residence hall, student group, major, athletics or... Read More
  • Glenn Delgado '84
    - Watcher of the Skies
    The night sky has special meaning for Glenn Delgado ’84, associate administrator in the Office of Small Business Programs at NASA. When he gazes up and knows the International... Read More
  • Megan Taft '01
    - Filling Bellies
    Megan Taft ’01 came to UNH from suburban Connecticut knowing what she didn’t want: a career in a cubicle. She immediately joined an outdoor education class for a week of... Read More
  • Elle Purrier '18
    - Next Stop, Tokyo?
    Last year, she was the best in the country. This year, she’s among the best in the world. In October, Elle Purrier ’18 finished out her rookie year as a professional runner with a... Read More