Desert mouse

Hotter, Drier and Adapted

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire found that to live in hotter more desert-like surroundings, and exist without water, there is more than one genetic mechanism allowing animals to adapt. Read More

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  • Sunlight through a tree branch on the UNH campus in Durham, NH
    - Committee on Investor Responsibility
    In June 2017, the UNH Foundation's Investment and Finance committee established the Committee on Investor Responsibility. Sustainability is a core value at the University of New... Read More
  • Environmental regulations improve the bottom line
    - Environmental regulations improve the bottom line
    When Robert Mohr was in graduate school, his advisor introduced him to a controversial paper written by the influential economist Michael Porter. Read More
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  • Q&A with Alison Pyott ’92 
    - Q&A with Alison Pyott ’92 
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  • Harmonizing art with business to help make the world a better place
    - Harmonizing art with business to help make the world a better place
    The consistent rattle of the spray paint can in her hands mimicked the ticking of her mind as Haley Burns ‘20 assessed the canvas in front of her. After hours of class, work, and... Read More
  • Reading, Responding, and Witnessing
    - Reading, Responding, and Witnessing
    Eden Wales Freedman, a 2014 graduate from UNH’s PhD English program, has been awarded the 2020 Eudora Welty prize for her recent book, Reading Testimony, Witnessing Trauma:... Read More
  • The PDE6 crystal structure used for the research.
    - Eye Might
    UNH researchers have advanced our understanding of the mutations that result in color blindness and certain retinal degenerative diseases that cause blindness as a result of their... Read More