Autumn Thon, ‘23

Spring 2020 SITC @ UNH Fellow

Autumn was a sophomore studying Social Work as well as Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Queer Studies when they participated in SITC @ UNH. They were a non-traditional student, beginning their college career at Capital Community College in Hartford, Connecticut at the age of 25 after an eight-year break in education due to financial barriers. During the spring of 2020, they transferred to UNH following a relocation to New Hampshire. Their lived experience led them to involvement in social justice, with a particular interest in the intersectionality between marginalized groups and issues of equity. They researched Semester in the City after hearing about it towards the end of their first semester at UNH and were immediately interested as a way to become more involved in both social change work and the greater community surrounding the Durham campus. Autumn was excited for the opportunity both to gain experience working in the sector of social justice and to promote a more sustainable community socially, economically, and environmentally. Their host organization was the Office of Community Equity and Diversity, where they helped to deliver the 21 Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge to both staff and students. The Challenge is a program to raise awareness, increase knowledge, and provide tools for dismantling racist institutional structures with a focus on food systems.