Diversity statement

The University of New Hampshire is committed to building and nurturing an environment of inclusive excellence where all students, faculty, and staff can thrive.  We also are committed to providing open and inclusive access for all alumni, volunteers, learners, employees, and visitors seeking to participate in our programs and activities.  We venture to sustain a campus environment that fosters mutual respect and understanding.  We believe diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion are foundational values inextricably linked to achieving our core educational mission; and we embrace the many characteristics of our community members that make them uniquely themselves.  Here, you belong, and all are welcome.

UNH Land, Water and Life Acknowledgement

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UNH Land, Water and Life Acknowledgement

UNH Land, Water and Life Acknowledgement

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Wanda Mitchell Diversity Recruitment and Retention Fund

In Memory of Dr. Wanda Mitchell's Work - 

Make a donation and continue to support inclusive excellence at UNH as follows:

Scholarships:  Provided to students for tuition and textbook purchases for those who have not traditionally had the opportunity to thrive in the field of education and their careers of choice. 

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Adding your Pronouns

You may indicate your preferred pronouns across multiple tech platforms used at UNH   Learn More

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Accessible UNH

Getting around, student support, public venues, student and employee accommodation request, dietary and housing concerns, enhanced communication technology assistance and more - this web site provides a wide variety of resources.

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News & Announcements

  • Exploring Racism in Science 

    "Biases show up in the science classroom in many forms, in which historical figures we talk about, which histories we tell about them, which we leave out, who we credit with certain knowledge…and w

  • Seeking Momentum for a Movement 

    “I don’t want people to see me and be colorblind. I want them to know I’m a Black woman, because there are so many amazing things that come along with being a Black woman,” Maduro says.

  • UNH hires new CDO 

    “UNH has considerable work to do to address systemic racism and how to become antiracist in our respective roles as students, faculty, staff and alumni,” said UNH President James W. Dean Jr.

The Aulbani J. Beauregard Center for Equity, Justice, and Freedom

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The Beauregard Center is committed to working collaboratively with the whole UNH community to create a more inclusive, equitable, and socially just campus through education, advising, advocacy and community building. Through the lens of intersectionality, the center works closely with underrepresented and ally students to empower their development and growth in order to thrive socially and academically. We also work with faculty, staff and administrators around issues concerning campus climate.  Find out more

NEW Incident Report Form 

The Incident Report Form (IRF) replaces the Reportit! and Title IX Incident Report form. 
The IRF is for all members of the community, including Mandatory Reporters. 

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