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Sustainable Procurement

Annually, UNH spends over $250 million on goods and services; that’s a lot of purchasing power! At UNH we strive to ensure we are doing our part to help build a more sustainable economy and world. 

We share the following sustainability statement with all of our potential vendors:

USNH strives to conduct business in a sustainable and energy efficient manner. This is an effort to balance economic priorities with environmental health and human health. USNH will, when economically feasible, do business with companies that can further our sustainable objectives. We are interested in receiving environmental mission statements or information about any programs or policies that have to do with sustainable issues. These programs or policies can be, but are not limited to, reducing, reusing and recycling resources, disposal of organic and other solid waste, conservation efforts in regards to transportation, energy and water, disposal of hazardous waste, and/or giving back to the community. USNH also prefers to purchase items with Energy Star™ ratings.

UNH’s commitment to sustainable, humane, and ethical workplace conditions within its supply chain through its partnerships with CLC, the FLA, and the WRC is a long-term commitment at the core of the university’s trademark and licensed goods program. UNH’s retail channel partners, whether on campus, local, or online, feature goods that are part of this deliberate, data-driven, sustainable workforce system. 

Read the blog, Following the Thread of Sustainability in UNH Goods, by Dr. Beth Sheckler, UNHInnovation.

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UNH earned 75.83% of total points available (4.55/6) compared to an AASHE member average of 54.12%.

STARS “seeks to recognize institutions that are using their purchasing power to help build a sustainable economy.”

Trademark Licensing & Fair Labor

As part of licensing of the UNH brand, UNH ensures that all goods produced bearing the UNH trademarks are done so via producers who have active memberships with the Fair Labor Association and the Workers' Rights Consortium. Our supply chain partnerships ensure that all of our vendors allow their factory employees to collectively bargain for fair wages, working conditions, and rights. Learn more about UNH's efforts.

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Sustainable Food Sourcing

From our status as a Fair Trade Campus, production of our own food from campus farms and commitment to purchasing local and organic, UNH is a leader in sourcing sustainable food. Here is one profile of one of many sustainable UNH vendors: Teatulia

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Cleaning Materials

UNH has long been committed to a program of purchasing cleaning materials that are less toxic and less wasteful than alternative products. We use primarily EcoLogo and GreenSeal cleaners to protect the health of people and ecosystems on and around our campus.


UNH Print & Mail Services

We are one of a handful of campuses to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide) and for our efforts to use sustainably produced paper products, recycled paper, and non-toxic chemicals (toners, etc). Learn more.

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UNH Fleet Vehicles

For years, UNH has used the Eco-Cat Calculator—developed by UNH students working with staff in Campus Planning—to guide us in purchasing the most fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles available.  We have several EVs in our fleet to show for it!

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