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CFAR offers presentations to UNH classes, departments, and offices that would like to learn more about our services. In your classroom we can provide an overview of center services or in-depth instruction on topics like time management, active learning or  other tips to improve academic performance. For faculty and staff, we offer structured training on topics such as meeting the needs of underrepresented students, or we can simply attend a meeting to answer questions about  how CFAR can support your efforts. We can customize a presentation to meet the needs of most audiences. 

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Syllabus Statement

Feel free to use the following on your own syllabus as a resource for your students:

The Center for Academic Resources (CFAR) is dedicated to the academic success of every UNH student. CFAR’s peer academic mentors coach students to study smarter by teaching study strategies like notetaking and reading skills, tips for remote learning, time management, organization, preparing for and taking exams, problem-solving, and utilizing online and campus resources. Mentors represent a variety of majors and use students’ course materials to demonstrate best practices for learning and retaining information. To make appointments with a peer mentor, register at WCOnline and open the CFAR calendar to look for available times.

Students who want to talk with a CFAR professional educational counselor can request an appointment by emailing UNH.CFAR@UNH.EDU, using the Chat Live feature on our homepage, visiting the EC page on our site, or stopping by Smith Hall (second floor) weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The CFAR website also has a large selection of study tips and tools and STEM videos for BIOL 411/412; BMS 507/508; CHEM 403/404; and PHYS 401/402 and 407/408.