Student Activity Fee Organizations

What is a SAFO?

 Student Activity Fee Organizations (SAFO) are a group of organizations that receive a regular standing budget from the Student Senate, and are entitled to a unique degree of financial autonomy in exchange for increased responsibilities to SAFC. In addition, organizations that become SAFOs fall under the jurisdiction of the Student Activity Fee Committee, on behalf of the Student Senate.

Recognized student organizations who have been in continuous existence for five (5) years and demonstrate exceptional programming that reaches a wide section of the undergraduate student body, and extraordinary fiscal and organizational cohesion, may apply for SAFO status. Applications for new or renewed SAFO status are reviewed every fiscal year during the Fall Semester by SAFC and the Student Senate.

If your organization is interested in applying for SAFO status, please email the SAFC Chairperson at .

Some benefits for being a SAFO include:

  • A Standing Budget from the SAF
  • A Degree of Fiscal Autonomy
  • Other Financial Benefits

In addition, SAFOs:

  • Send their Business Manager to SAFC meetings
  • Adhere to the Student Senate Constitution and Bylaws
  • Must demonstrate a higher level of financial and organizational exceptionalism 

List of Current SAFOs

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Campus Activities Board (CAB)


The Campus Activities Board (CAB) consists of students dedicated to the purpose of planning, organizing, and executing campus-wide events.  CAB’s main focus is to provide alternative programming on the weekend. These programs are designed to unify the entire student body by giving all a chance to come together to enjoy the spirit and community of UNH. Events throughout the school year provide creative entertainment geared to giving students a break from the academic routine. Members of CAB gain valuable experience in team building, leadership, and event planning. At other times, CAB acts on its own to provide quality programming on both a large and small scales while still planning events the entire campus can enjoy.


Diversity Support Coalition (DSC)


Diversity Support Coalition (DSC)


The Diversity Support Coalition (DSC) is an umbrella organization that is currently composed of six member organization: the Alliance LGBTQIA+ support group, the United Asian Coalition (UAC), the Hillel Jewish student group, the Native American Cultural Association (NACA), the MOSAICO Latinx student group,  and the Black Student Union (BSU).  The DSC addresses the needs of those who are statistically and historically underrepresented because of and/or affected by institutionalized oppression based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity and expression, age, ability, native language, national origin, and/or religion at UNH. The DSC strives to keep the acceptance of multiculturalism, diversity and equality at the forefront of the university culture.


Meeple Tabletop Gaming Syndicate (MEEPLE)

Mepple Tabletop Gaming Syndicate

PROVIDING inclusive and fun tabletop gaming experiences to the unh campus

Meeple is a group of students and community members that meet up to play all manner of board games, card games, and role-playing games. There are no bounds to the games they bring to the table, and encourage all members and potential newcomers to bring, teach, and play their favorite European style, Classic, Collectible, Strategy, or American based board/card games.


Mask & Dagger Dramatic Society

Mask & Dagger Dramatic Society


The Mask and Dagger Dramatic Society (Mask & Dagger) is the University of New Hampshire's only student-run traditional theatre organization.  Mask and Dagger produces, directs, designs, casts, and builds professional quality work of theatrical art, and provides all UNH undergraduates and members of the University community with the opportunity to participate in the production of these works.  Students Design, Direct, Crew, and Act in our productions which are chosen the previous year by a play selection committee made up of general members. Mask and Dagger strives to provide a safe and fun environment where anyone can feel welcome to get involved as much as they want in helping create professional quality theatrical performances for the UNH community. Through its endeavors, Mask and Dagger fosters the idea that theatre is a gift, and it is the goal of Mask and Dagger to give this gift to the University community

new hampshire outing club (NHOC)

New Hampshire Outing Club (NHOC)


The New Hampshire Outing Club (NHOC) provides outdoor recreation and education for the University of New Hampshire(UNH) community, regardless of skill level or outdoor experience, in a substance-free environment. We take great pride in being an organization that offers highly affordable, outdoor recreation each month, catering to all ability levels and a wide range of interests. Our activities throughout the year may include: backpacking, canoeing, rafting, biking, day hiking, snowshoeing, winter mountaineering, sledding, cross country and alpine skiing, rock climbing, leadership training and wilderness first aid courses. As a student-run organization, the NHOC offers unique leadership opportunities for UNH students. The NHOC allows and encourages students to create, plan and execute their own trips. 


Organic Gardening Club (OGC)


The Organic Garden Club (OGC) manages an acre of farmland right here in-town using certified USDA Organic practices as well as other environmentally beneficial practices. The OGC is always looking for members who would like to learn more about farming/gardening, where their food comes from, and what they can do to help the community.  They host free community dinners at the Waysmeet Center every 2nd Friday of the month with their own products while in-season and with produce from other local farms at other times of the year.


Student Committee on Popular Entertainment (SCOPE)

Bringing big name concerts to campus

The Student Committee on Popular Entertainment’s (SCOPE) mission is to provide live, nationally recognized entertainment to the University of New Hampshire. The programming involved, which may include concerts, comedy shows, and other entertainment productions, is offered to students at a rate less than that offered to the general public, if charges apply. SCOPE selects genres of performances that aim to appeal to the largest cross-section of the student body, subject to availability of the artist and/or venues. SCOPE not only provides entertainment, but also a unique educational experience for those who participate. Students manage all facets of running a professional organization, as well as producing a professional performance. These areas include, but are not limited to: business, production, security, publicity, hospitality, and contract negotiations.


Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)

UNH's primary environmental activism organization

The Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) is UNH's oldest and largest environmental activism organization.  SEAC is dedicated to educating students, faculty, and Durham residents on the impact of sustainability initiatives. To this end, SEAC hosts events such as Solarfest, a day long concert with bands that play on 100% solar energy, and Earthfest, an Earthday appreciation event. The organization also attends various environmental conferences and participate in campaigns across the United States. 

Slow Food


Slow Food UNH strives to preserve the many culinary processing techniques that our industrial food system has made obsolete, such as brining a turkey, preserving food for the winter months, or making pasta. This knowledge helps strengthen food culture. A healthy & explorative food culture on the UNH campus is important, because our generation of students will be the driving force behind the necessary changes to our food system, that will take place over the next 7-10 years. Slow Food is a celebration of food and how we prepare (and share it) with others - the very essence of food culture.


the new hampshire (tnh)

The New Hampshire (TNH)


The New Hampshire is the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) student-run newspaper and serves the community by reporting current news and by keeping the UNH community informed about issues that are important, interesting, and/or entertaining, as well as to provide a forum for advertisement and opinion. TNH strives to reflect the people, concerns, attitudes and culture of the UNH community. The New Hampshire endeavors to practice accurate and unbiased journalism as laid out in The New Hampshire Code of Ethics. The New Hampshire offers UNH students experience in journalism, photography, graphics, advertising, online publishing, social media and business management. The New Hampshire is published in print on Thursdays throughout the academic year, with the exception of certain specified dates, and online Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. The New Hampshire prints Main Street Magazine editions four times a year in addition to content posted every Sunday online. 

wunh 91.3fm




WUNH is a non-profit, student-run radio station at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire. Operated by student and community DJs since the 1960s, WUNH's "free waves" have become a cornerstone of Seacoast New Hampshire's culture, providing the University and surrounding communities with non-commercial, alternative radio. It is WUNH's mission to play and promote new and upcoming artists of a variety of genres and styles, striving for diversity in programming, playing artists and entire genres of music underrepresented in mainstream media. WUNH provides the opportunity for interested members of the community to participate in all aspects of radio station operation through on-the-job training.