Apply for SAF Funding

Note: This page is not meant for Student Activity Fee Organizations. If you are applying on behalf of a SAFO, please contact your Business Manager.

How To Apply

To apply for funding from the Student Activity Fee Committee for a recognized student organization, please download the Funding Proposal Form, and email it to either of the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) at or This CFO will help you throughout the application process and will submit your proposal form to the correct body.

For help on how to fill out this form, please download the Proposal Explanation Sheet, or email a Chief Financial Officer.

Please note that certain proposal amounts do not require the approval of the entire Committee. See below for the breakdown of these amounts:

Amount Approval Required
$100 or less A Chief Financial Officer
$100 - $250 SAFC Executive Board
$250 or more SAFC (Whole Committee)


If your proposed amount requires it, you may be asked to present your application before the Committee, which may ask you a number of questions on attendance, advertisements, and the success of your proposal in the past.

P-Cards, Receipts, & Reimbursements

Information on student organization finance is handled by the Office of Student and Involvement and Leadership's (OSIL). Most of this information can be found on the Organization Finance page on Wildcat Link. For questions, visit the Contact OSIL page on the Memorial Union website.


After you have have been approved, make sure to keep an itemized receipt, or invoice, for all purchases made with SAF funds. This will be asked of you when returning your P-Card to the OSIL. Please see the Organization Finance page on Wildcat Link for details on taking out a P-Card once you have been approved for funding.

You are required, within two (2) academic weeks of your event/purchase, to fill out a Post-Programming Report (PPR) and submit it to your Chief Financial Officer. This PPR details the actual amount of funds used and, if applicable, the attendance at your event.