Apply for SAF Funding

2022 Student Organization Graduation Supplies (Cords & Stoles)

The Student Activity Fee Committee will subsidize up to $16 per person per cord and up to $20 per person per stole. Expenses higher than these provisions shall be covered by the organization itself and/or the individual graduates. Consult the MUB Ticket Office to collect this revenue.

ALL GRADUATION SUPPLY PROPOSALS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED BY 4/30/22. Any proposals beyond this date will not be considered.

All proposed graduation cords and stoles will be checked against the UNH Alumni Relations approved list of cords and stoles. We cannot approve any graduation supplies that are not approved by their office.

A post-programming report (PPR) is due within 2 weeks after the last receipt acquired or the date of your event, whichever comes later.

Note: This page is not meant for Student Activity Fee Organizations. If you are applying on behalf of a SAFO, please contact your Business Manager.

How To Apply

Propose! Buy! Follow-up!

You can find more detailed policies surrounding how SAFC works and related sanctions in our handbook - see sections "SAFC Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs)" and Student Senate Governing Documents and the SAF".

1. Proposal Process (Propose)

To apply for funding from the Student Activity Fee Committee for a recognized student organization, please submit a proposal application through Wildcat Link. All proposals MUST be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event/purchase date. Any questions can be directed to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at This CFO will help you throughout the application process.

In the event that your proposal is for an event/purchase that is more than $500, you will need to include a proposal form with your Wildcat Link submission. For help on how to fill out this form, please see these examples, or email a Chief Financial Officer. 

For charity events, SAFC funding may only be used to fund event costs.

    1. Example 1: $1,000 in expenses. Event raises $1,200 in ticket sales. Charity receives $200. No SAF contribution.
    2. Example 2: $1,000 in expenses. Event raises $750 in ticket sales. Charity receives $0. SAF contributes $250 towards remaining expenses. The ticket sales cover the event expenses.

Please note that certain proposal amounts do not require the approval of the entire Committee. See below for the breakdown of these amounts:

Amount Approval Required Attend Meeting
$200 or less A Chief Financial Officer No
$200 - $500 SAFC Executive Board Not necessary unless requested
$500 or more SAFC (Whole Committee) Required*


*If your proposed amount is $500 or more, you will be asked to present your application before the Committee, which may ask you a number of questions on attendance, advertisements, and the success of your proposal in the past. Meetings may seem intimidating to attend, but all of our members want you and your organization to succeed. Everyone is very understanding and makes an effort to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for you to showcase your organization and all the great stuff you do!

2. Purchasing, P-Cards & Receipts (Buy)

After approval, you will work with the MUB Office (MUB 323) to purchase what you described in your proposal. Questions about purchasing should be directed to their staff and not the Committee.

If you anticipate your expenses will increase after the Committee approved the original costs, do not proceed to buy items that will go beyond what was approved without permission from the Chairperson and the Exec Board. Failure to do so could result in sanctions on your organization.

Make sure to keep an itemized receipt, or invoice, for all purchases made with SAF funds, as the MUB Office Staff will take a record of everything purchased. In addition to the office staff, you can also use the SAF Financial Consultant, Maureen Claussen, as a resource if you have questions about organization finance.

3. Post-Programming Reports (Follow Up)

You are required, within two (2) academic weeks of your event/purchase, to fill out a Post-Programming Report (PPR)If your expenses were more than $500, please include a Post-Programming Report with your Wildcat Link submission. Please see these examples to guide you in your submission. This PPR details the actual amount of funds used and, if applicable, the attendance at your event. Submitting a late PPR or submitting one that shows financial negligence can result in a failure from the Committee and could result in sanctions against your organization.