Apply to join the UNH Student Activity Fee Committee as an At-Large Member.


About the Student Activity Fee Committee

The Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) is a committee of the Student Senate composed of a diverse set of members from across the Student Body representing many student organizations and populations. The Committee is seeking motivated students to serve as at-large members. Learn more about the position and SAFC as a body below.

SAFC is charged with the allocation and oversight of the mandatory Student Activity Fee levied on every full-time student that attends the University of New Hampshire. Unique to UNH, decisions of SAFC are autonomous of the university administration, and no staff or faculty member has veto power over the Body. As of 2021, this fee is set at $94 per student per year. 

How is SAFC structured, and who sits on it?

SAFC is composed of a wide selection of organizational officers, members of the Student Senate, professional UNH staff consultants, and student volunteers (at-large members).

The central leadership of the Committee is steered by the SAFC Executive Board, which is composed of the SAFC Chairperson, the two SAF Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), the SAF Outreach Coordinator, and the Student Senate Speaker. Additionally, two members of University Administration, the Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership (SOL) and the SAF Financial Consultant sit as staff advisors to the otherwise student led board.

The regular student membership of the Committee is composed entirely of voting members, namely, Student Senators and At-Large Members, among others, as well as Business Managers of the Student Activity Fee Organizations (SAFOs) that SAFC governs.

What would I do as an at-large member?

As an at-large member, your primary responsibility is to vote and voice your opinion on proposals and post-programming reports from our student organizations. If you think a proposal is fiscally irresponsible or not in the best interest of the student body, you can use your voice and voting power to prevent it from passing. Additionally, student organizations value feedback and suggestions to better enhance their programming and serve the student body.

By being an At-Large member in SAFC, you will develop strong debate, leadership, financial, and accountability skills. You will represent the general student body and have incredible influence on student life at UNH. At-Large membership is a significant first step into other leadership roles in the SAFC Executive Board, Student Senate Leadership, and other student organizations. SAFC is made of students who discuss serious topics, but also have great time doing it. Tuesday afternoons can’t get any better than this!

The application is simple and consists of a few free-response questions. You will receive a response from the Executive Board and may be asked to attend a meeting for an interview panel. Applications are rolling and well continue to be available until all seven spots are filled. Don't hesitate, apply today! SAFC meets on Tuesdays at 12:40-2pm in the MUB.