Survivor Support Group


Have you been affected by sexual violence such as sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking, or sexual harassment? Are you looking for a safe space to feel supported by peers who have had similar experiences?

SHARPP is offering a peer support group for students who are looking to move forward in the healing process through discussion and creative activities. This group is completely confidential and we will not ask anyone to re-live their trauma.

Goals of the group:

  • Providing a confidential environment to talk openly and honestly about issues of interpersonal violence.
  • Sharing coping skills and self-care techniques. 
  • Receiving support from others who understand the impact of interpersonal violence.
Topics may include:
Managing feelings of self-blame, building relationships after an assault, and self-care strategies.

Group to Start SPring 2020

Please contact  SHARPP Direct Services Coordinator, Julia at if you are interested or would like more information.