CEITL has presented on the topic of diversity, equity, inclusion, and multilingualism in our Talk about Teaching Series and January Workshop Series. Below are video links to the recorded webinars diversity, equity, inclusion and multilingualism in the classroom.

Title Date Type Length CEITL Event
New Perspectives on Inclusive Teaching   June 19, 2020 Recorded webinar 63 min. Talk about Teaching 2020 Summer Series
Time Zones, Online Lectures & Social Isolation - International Students at UNH and the Virtual Learning Experience   January 14, 2021 Recorded webinar 67 min.

January Workshop Series, 2021

Inclusion, Accessibility, and Accommodations: Putting the Pieces Together   January 20, 2021 Recorded webinar 97 min. January Workshop Series, 2021
Tangible Strategies for Decolonizing the Classroom   January 21, 2021 Recorded webinar 62 min. January Workshop Series, 2021
Navigating Triggers and Bias in the Classroom   March 24, 2021 Recorded webinar 53 min. Talk about Teaching 2021 Spring Series
The Multilingual Student Writer in Your Classroom   October 6, 2021 Recorded webinar 27 min. Talk about Teaching 2021 Fall Series
Building Racial Equity Into Your Curriculum   January 18, 2022 Recorded webinar 64 min. January Workshop Series, 2022