Teaching and Learning Support

Teaching and Learning Support
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Teaching and Learning support is now being offered through several central offices across UNH (including Educational Excellence and Effectiveness, the Provost Office, and the Learning and Development and Innovation Team) and is no longer being offered through CEITL. 

Websites are being updated to reflect these changes. In the meantime, this website offers a rich collection of resources and information to support the university's mission of enhancing student learning through the continual improvement of teaching.




Consultations with Teaching and Learning Specialist 

  Courses and Resources

LDI Courses: Access self-paced courses Fundamentals of Online Instruction & Fundamentals of Active Learning

Teaching and Learning Resource Hub has many great resources and strategies for designing a course, active learning, large enrollment classes, labs, studio and performance, and utilizing technology. 


New Faculty Orientation 
FITSI in August - AI in the classroom 
Fall programming (will be announced later this summer)