CEITL Mission Statement

The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning strives to promote the highest quality of student learning by providing full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and teaching graduate students with the resources they need to implement in their classrooms the best practices in college teaching. 

The Center services include:

CEITL Supports UNH Strategic Strategies

The teaching/learning process, embodied in the creation, transmission, and application of knowledge, is the keystone of our university. It represents the University of New Hampshire’s central mission.

CEITL Supports UNH Strategic Priorities

1. Expand Academic Excellence –

♦ Support all instructional staff (full and part-time faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral students, and staff)

♦ Provide leadership and support for innovation in teaching.

♦ Support an evidence-based approach to instruction and foster a climate of advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) in efforts to promote student success.

♦ Collaborate with and mutually support professionals from academic offices across the wider UNH community to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning and other professional services for faculty, staff, and graduate students at UNH.

CEITL Supports UNH Strategic Priorities

2. Enhance Student Success & Wellbeing –

♦ Promote research-based pedagogical practices that incorporate active learning and support student success and retention within inclusive learning community.

♦ Provide leadership and support for fostering welcoming learning experiences that promote student success and wellbeing.

♦ Support a student-centered approach to improve student success and wellbeing in an inclusive community.

♦ Provide for students the tools they need to academically succeed – Student Cognition Toolbox.