New Faculty Pedagogy Academy

This first-year cohort pedagogy series offers new faculty opportunities to explore teaching elements related to evidence based pedagogy, teaching with technology and online learning.

Fall 2023: First-Year Faculty Pedagogy Academy Schedule

Location: Conant Hall Room 113 Sessions will also be live streamed. Registered participants will receive a link the day prior to the event.
Time: 11:30 am - 1pm  Lunch included. Lunch will be available beginning at 11:15am.

CEITL Participation Certificate Program: 1 point

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Date Presenter Topic
September 29            

Victor Benassi, Professor Emeritus, Psychology

Faculty Director, CEITL (2007-2018)
Course design: Backward design – syllabus/course objectives/desired learning outcomes/grading scheme
October 27 Catherine Overson, Director CEITL

Evidence Based Practice

Matching learning goals to learning activities (Foundational content)

  • Retrieval practice
    • Writing good questions
    • Ways to implement
    • Prequestioning
December 1 Lauren Kordonowy, Science of Learning Project Coordinator, CEITL

Evidence Based Practice Study schedules:

  • Blocked
  • Spaced
  • Interleaved

First-Year Faculty Pedagogy Academy RSVP Form