Mid-Course Assessment Process (MAP)

The Mid-Course Assessment Process (MAP) is a voluntary activity requested by the instructor to gather student feedback about the course mid-semester via an online form in Qualtrics (UNH's online survey platform). 

***The Mid-Course Assessment Process (MAP) will not be available in Spring 2024***

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Benefits of a MAP

 Gives instructors information about their students’ perceptions of the course, with particular emphasis on what helps them learn before the end of the semester.

 Feedback about the various features of the course is given in time for an instructor to make changes, if deemed necessary.

 Students are given a strong message that the instructor cares about how they are doing in the course.


MAP Questions

  1. What has been the most helpful to your learning in this course so far?
  2. What has been the least helpful to your learning in this course so far?
  3. What suggestions can you offer to make this course a better learning experience?

An instructor can pose any number or type of question on the MAP form; the instructor can also edit, omit and/or add questions to the MAP that provide feedback that is beneficial to their course. In order to maintain anonymity, no identifying information may be asked on the form.


The Mid-course Assessment Process (MAP)

   schedule a MAp 

***The Mid-Course Assessment Process (MAP) will not be available in Spring 2024***

1.  Schedule a MAP for your course. Once your request for a MAP is received, CEITL staff sends you an email message with a link to your course's online MAP form. 

2.  Administer the MAP to your students. Share with your students the CEITL letter and your course's MAP link via email or Canvas. (To boost participation, instructors are encouraged to take a few minutes before or after class for students to complete the online MAP.)

3.  Receive MAP report via email. After the MAP closes, CEITL staff compiles students’ responses by question into a report. The report is emailed to the instructor.


You can request a MAP for each course and/or section. The MAP online form is available to students for 48-96 hours; the MAP Report is available 24 hours after the MAP closes (see table below).

If your MAP is scheduled on a Your MAP will be available to students for Your MAP will close on the following Your MAP Report will be sent to you on
Monday 48 hours Wednesday Wednesday
Tuesday 48 hours Thursday Thursday
Wednesday 48 hours Friday Friday
Thursday 96 hours Monday Monday
Friday 72 hours Monday Monday