Teaching & Learning Themed Special Interest Group (T-SIG)

The Teaching and Learning Themed Special Interest Group (T-SIG) is a 4-part semester-long workshop series on a themed topic related to teaching and learning. During each of the hour-long workshops, CEITL staff work closely with participants on workshop activities specifically designed for their courses.

Fall 2022 Teaching & Learning T-SIGs

Promote Critical Thinking in Your Course Through Course Design and Evidence-Based Teaching Methods

FACILITATOR: Lauren Kordonowy, Science of Learning Project Coordinator, CEITL

RESOURCE: Teaching at its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Teachers (4th Edition) by Linda B. Nilson

This Fall 2022 T-SIG will cover half of this book. The remaining content will be covered in the Spring 2023 T-SIG. Note: There is no requirement that you complete both semesters. Our explorations will include topics such as group work, discussions, case studies, problem-solving, and experiential learning.

  T-SIG: Promote Critical Thinking RSVP Form

Time: 12:40pm - 1:40pm
Location: Conant G02


  • Session #1: Monday 9/19/22 OR Tuesday 9/20/22
  • Session #2: Monday 10/3/22 OR Tuesday 10/4/22
  • Session #3: Monday 10/17/22 OR Tuesday 10/18/22
  • Session #4: Monday 10/31/22 OR Tuesday 11/1/22

CEITL Participation: 1 point

Participants who complete all four components of this series will receive a CEITL T-SIG Award of Participation Certificate and receive a total of 6 Points toward the CEITL Participation Certificate (4 points for each workshop, 2 bonus points). 

Please register all at once or by 1 week prior to each date.


  • Session #1 Part 1: Preparation for Teaching  We will examine course design and how to integrate critical thinking throughout your course.
  • Session #2 Part 3: Tried-and-True Teaching Methods We will examine the merits of transfer appropriate practice, lecturing, discussion, experiential learning and student groups.
  • Session #3 Part 4: Inquiry-Based Methods for Solving Real-World Problems We will examine inquiry based learning, problem-based learning, and case studies.
  • Session #4 Planning for Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Activities in your Course We will discuss how you can integrate more critical thinking and problem-solving activities in your course. We will draw upon what we discussed in the three book sections we read.

Gathering Artifacts of Effective and Reflective Teaching Practice

FACILITATOR: Catherine Overson, Director, CEITL

We all want our students to succeed academically; fortunately, there are a number of pedagogical measures we can employ to help our students reach our (and their) goal in this regard. Student feedback is one such measure. With the new Student Experience of Teaching (SET) surveys, gathering, assembling, and presenting artifacts of effective and reflective teaching practice are likely to be indispensable moving forward. This T-SIG will offer a variety of options to set you on this path and inspire additional ideas for inclusion in your teaching portfolio.

  T-SIG:Gathering Artifacts RSVP Form

Time: 12:40pm - 1:40pm
Location: Conant G02


  • Session #1: Friday 10/14/22
  • Session #2: Friday 10/28/22
  • Session #3: Friday 11/18/22
  • Session #4: Friday 12/2/22

CEITL Participation: 1 point

Participants who complete all four components of this series will receive a CEITL T-SIG Award of Participation Certificate and receive a total of 6 Points toward the CEITL Participation Certificate (4 points for each workshop, 2 bonus points). 

Please register all at once or by 1 week prior to each date.


  • Session #1: Peer Assessment of Your Teaching: How to structure it and how to make the most of assessment results
  • Session #2: Classroom Assessment: Gathering information during the semester for formative use
  • Session #3: Reflective Practice: Now that I have information on my current teaching, how do I make and follow through on a plan to make good teaching even better
  • Session #4: Generating a College Teaching Portfolio: Showcasing your effective, reflective teaching practice

Previous Teaching & Learning T-SIG Topics

Spring 2022: Helping Your Students to Study Smarter – Not Longer or Harder: Embed Learning Activities in Your Course That Meet Your Learning Goals & Objectives

This T-SIG will cover four empirically-supported study strategies that improve student learning. For each session, we will explore a variety of learning activities related to that study strategy that you might incorporate in your courses to meet your course learning goals/objectives.

Session 1: Retrieval Practice (Monday 2/21/22 OR Tuesday 2/22/22)

This study strategy can help students’ retention and transfer of both discrete and conceptual knowledge.

Session 2: Reflective Questioning (Monday 3/7/22 OR Tuesday 3/8/22)

This group of structured reading activities can help students to build upon their prior knowledge, guides them to draw connections between that and course content, and transfer knowledge to new and novel situations.

Session 3: Worked Examples (Monday 3/21/22 OR Tuesday 3/22/22)

This study strategy can help students master problem solving and procedural understanding using worked-out solutions and step-by-step explanations. Excellent for both quantitative and qualitative mastery-building

Session 4: Scheduling of Study (Monday 4/4/22 OR Tuesday 4/5/22)

We will discuss three components of study scheduling, including blocking, spacing, and interleaving of course content. This study scheduling can improve retention as well as increase course connections.

Spring 2022: STEM Research-based Learning Assessment Special Interest Group

The STEM Research-based Learning Assessment SIG is a 3-part workshop series running every other week in April. The workshop introduces a structured assessment model the 3DLAP (three-dimensional learning assessment protocol), which is a product of National Science Foundation funded projects.  You want your exams to inform you about what your students are learning?  The 3DLAP is one way to do it.

Workshop Leaders: Prof. Chris Bauer and Dr. Kathleen Bowe, specialists in STEM education research and practice from the Chemistry Dept. 

Dates: Select either Thursday or Friday (selections in descriptions below)

Time:  THURSDAY: 12:40-2:00 or

               FRIDAY: 1:10-2:30

Location: in person, Parsons Hall, either
              THURSDAY: S150 or

              FRIDAY: W131

CEITL Participation: 
  • 1 point awarded for each session attended
  • 1 Bonus point (for a total of 4 Points) for Participants who complete all three components (which build on each other)

We encourage you to register all at once for three sessions, as described below.  You may attend EITHER the Thursday or Friday for each session (or switch back and forth between sessions); both sessions will be the same.

Session 1: What do 3DLAP Assessment Items Look Like?  This session introduces the model and its supporting research-based design principles.   You will engage in deconstructing examples of test items from chemistry, biology, and other disciplines.  Discussion will also encompass identifying desirable learning outcomes and aligning assessment with those outcomes.

Thursday 4/7/22

12:40 – 2:00

Parsons S150 OR Friday 4/8/22 1:10-2:30 Parsons W131

Session 2: Assess & Build Your Own 3DLAP Items Starting with your own assessment items or target topics, you will evaluate and refine at least one of your own assessment items using the 3DLAP model and share it to gather feedback.  This could be for any setting: quiz, clicker in class, homework. We will also help you think through how to get feedback from students before the next workshop session.  

Thursday 4/21/22

12:40 – 2:00

Parsons S150 OR Friday 4/22/22 1:10-2:30 Parsons W131

Session 3: Student Feedback Review At the final session, review and sharing of student insights will be followed by further action to refine and elevate additional assessment items. We will also investigate developing items that pursue the specific practices of graphical interpretation, covariational reasoning, and self-explanation (goals of NSF grant led by Prof. Bauer).

Thursday 5/5/22

12:40 – 2:00

Parsons S150 OR Friday 5/6/22 1:10-2:30 Parsons W131