Thompson School of Applied Science (TSAS)

Choosing First-Semester Courses

  • To complete the AAS degree requirement of a minimum 64 credit hours in four semesters, students follow an established sequence of courses for their respective program areas.
  • A sample selection of courses is listed below for each major

Recommended First-Semester Courses by Major

Select a major below to learn specific major information for First Year June Orientation. Your advisor will help you with course selection during Orientation.

  1. AAS 428 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals

  2. ANSC 421 Introduction to Animal Science

  3. ENGL 401 First-Year Writing

  4. Discovery Course

  1. NR 425 Field Dendrology
  2. FORT 527 Forest Ecology
  3. MATH 420 Finite Mathematics
  4. ENGL 401 First-Year Writing
  1. AAS 428 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals

  2. VTEC 424 Introduction to Veterinary Technology

  3. VTEC 430 Companion Animal Behavior and Handling Techniques

  4. CHEM 411 Chemistry for Life Sciences

  5. ENGL 401 First-Year Writing