Applied Science Guide

The following is the academic advising information for the Thompson School of Applied Science (TSAS).

Choosing First-Semester Courses

To complete the AAS degree requirement of a minimum 64 credit hours in four semesters, students follow an established sequence of courses for their respective program areas.

A sample selection of courses is listed below for each major

Select a major below to learn specific major information for first year June orientation. 


Applied Animal Science

  • AAS 428 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
  • ANSC 421 Introduction to Animal Science
  • ENGL 401 First-Year Writing
  • Discovery Course

Forest Technology

  • NR 415 Natural Resources Field Methods
  • FORT 527 Forest Ecology
  • KIN 501 First Aid: Responding to Emergencies
  • NR 425 Field Dendrology
  • ENGL 401 First-Year Writing

Veterinary Technology

  • AAS 428 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
  • CHEM 411 Introductory Chemistry for Life Sciences
  • VTEC 430 Companion Animal Behavior and Handling Techniques
  • VTEC 424 Introduction to Veterinary Technology
  • ENGL 401 First-Year Writing


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Academic Affairs Coordinator
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