Starting a New Organization

New student organizations may begin the recognition process beginning the week after University Day in the fall semester running through 9am on the first Monday of the last week of March.  Once the window closes for the year any organization that is currently in the process will have ten business days to complete all of the remaining steps in the process.  


Students interested in starting a new organization need an idea that is significantly different from the already recognized student organizations, a total of seven current students who are interested in helping start the organization, and an official constitution for the organization. 

After completing the New Student Org Interest Form on Wildcat Link, a meeting will be scheduled with the Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership.  This meeting will take place within 1 month of the New Student Org Interest Form being approved on Wildcat Link. This meeting will go over the process of drafting a constitution and students will be given a digital copy of a constitution template to use as the basis of the new organization’s constitution.

The template is generally not given out before this meeting so students can be sure their organization is eligible for recognition before doing the work. If students want to get a general idea of what a finished constitution would like, check out a few constitutions on Wildcat Link.

  • If a proposed organization is not significantly different from an already established organization.
  • If a proposed organization is better suited for the Campus Recreation Club Sport or Instructional Program process. Please visit the page for Campus Recreation for more information on Club Sports and Instructional Programs.
  • If the budgetary and executive authority lies with, and/or the drive to create or perpetuate the proposed organization comes from anyone other than UNH students.
  • If the mission of the proposed organization would be contrary to the University standards outlined in Students Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities.

The duration of the process will vary from org to org.  Depending on how quickly the meetings are scheduled and how quickly the students draft the constitution the process can take anywhere between two weeks and two months for an organization to move from being a prospective organization to entering the New Org Year Process.

When the group lost recognition, the written notice should have included this information as it is unique to each situation. If that notice has been lost, please contact the Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership for more information.

During a new student organization's first year as a recognized organization there are a series of trainings and follow-up meetings in which the organization leaders will be required to participate.

No. Organizations are not automatically given funding. The process for an organization to receive a set budget  occurs annually and is only open to organizations with at least five years of sound financial history. For more information on this process, called Budgets & Concepts, please visit the SAFC website. Some colleges or other University entities may offer financial support to organizations through their own processes; however, no organization automatically receives funding upon recognition.

Parents Association Grants to fundraising to applying for supplemental funding from the Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) are other options available to recognized student organizations.

Yes. However a new organization may not use the title of "Honor Society" until it is approved by the Academic Standards and Advising Committee.  The Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership can assist in starting this process after recognition is achieved.

Yes. For more information please consult the University of New Hampshire's Minimum Standards for Expansion Policy under Fraternity & Sorority Life.

  • UNH Alumni
  • UNH Faculty/Staff
  • Off-campus groups/businesses

While Memorial Union & Student Activities values the input of the community, the process of starting a new student organization must be driven by student interest.

Absolutely! The recognition process does not differentiate between student organizations formed by graduate students and undergraduate students.


Prospective Organization

Any organization that is in the process of forming but has not completed the recognition process.

Recognition Process

The process a prospective organization must complete before becoming recognized as a New Student Organization.

New Student Organization

Applies to any organization that has completed the recognition process but has existed for less than one year and has not completed all of the steps of the New Org Year Process.

New Org Year Process

Is the one-year long process of guided training and support that all New Student Organizations must complete.


Recognized Student Organization

Applies to any organization that has completed the recognition process.  Additionally, the rights and responsibilities of recognized student organizations apply to new student organizations as long as they are making satisfactory progress through the new org year process.