Assessment & Recognition

MUB employee receiving an award

Student Feedback

In order to give every employee the resources and opportunity to learn and to reach their full potential, the Memorial Union Building uses the S.T.A.R. assessment model (Service, Team, Autonomy, Responsibility) for student employees.

The purpose of an assessment is to provide a formal opportunity for all employees to receive feedback and guidance on their job performance and to set goals for future performance. The assessment takes place annually, usually in late fall and are conducted by a student’s professional staff supervisor. Employees will first provide a self-assessment and then professional staff provides an assessment and holds meeting with the employee to discuss.


There are various ways throughout the year that the MUB recognizes student employees. In addition to what is noted here, individual departments may also have department level recognition programs in place.

MUB Bucks

Student employees make the MUB run. They are a valuable and indispensable part of the team. If an employee is seen doing something right, going the extra mile for a client, guest, or customer, making an extra effort rising to be the unsung hero of the day, they may be recognized by the professional staff and receive a MUB Buck “on the spot.” Student employees can also recommend each other for MUB Bucks.  MUB Bucks can be collected and redeemed for gear such as hats, t-shirts, fleece tops and blankets. A current list of prizes is available in the office and MUB Bucks can be redeemed through the MUB Director at any time.

Employee of the Month

The employee of the Month is a MUB wide student employee recognition program. Employees are chosen by the MUB professional staff and four students are generally honored each month. Awardees are student employees with a consistently high level of performance, or students who have taken on special projects and assignments above and beyond the call of duty. 

MUB Awards

During Spring semester, student employees are given the opportunity to nominate their fellow employees for various awards that are presented at the end-of-the-year employee banquet. Honorees are chosen by MUB Staff. Awards include:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Community Spirit Award
  • Unsung Hero Award
  • Memorial Union Award

MUB Love Award

The MUB Love Award is presented at the end-of-the-year banquet to all returning employees in good standing who have completed the required training and professional development sessions.